announcing wedding ceremony vows + toasts videography


Having a videographer at your wedding doesn't always mesh with our photojournalistic, fly-on-the-wall approach to capturing your big day. But we totally appreciate how our couples want to enjoy their ceremony and special toasts from a different angle.

A photograph speaks a thousand words, but, admittedly, it can't bring back the sound of a loved one's laugh or the hitch in your bridesmaid's breath as she kept happy tears at bay. Those nervous flutters you felt as you exchanged vows will only return anew when you watch them again on your anniversary.

This is why we're so excited to announce to our couples the emilie inc. vows + toasts videography add-on with our lovely former intern and frequent second shooter, Lindsay Heald.

Like things simple? We offer a straightforward, color-corrected, uncut video of your ceremony and toasts. Prefer a more polished, and creative edit? We can do that too. Want to secure Lindsay for your big day? Contact us!

Twin time in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts


I had the pleasure of photographing the wedding of Julia and Dave back in 2012 at Laudholm Farm in Wells.  Since then these two have become parents to twins Whit and Ellie, who are now 8 months old. As a twin myself, I was delighted to go down for a visit to document these two bundles of cuteness in Jamaica Plain.

Whit was camera ready from the moment I began, looking right into the lens and hamming it up as I clicked away.  Ellie was a little more cautious, not entirely sure what this stranger was doing in her house.  After a while they both went back to focusing on mom and dad, bottles, snacks, and toys, as babies will do.

Noli, their German Shorthaired Pointer, watched over the scene and was amazingly gentle with her new family members.  She especially appreciated them during lunch, sneaking licks right across their faces as they dribbled out more food than made it into their mouths.  No need for sweeping or mopping up the floor in this house!

Julia and Dave, thanks so much for having me down to visit! Twins rule ;)

21 Day Fix invitation


Spring is coming (any day now, right?!) and after spring is wedding season! Whether you're getting married, in a wedding, attending a wedding, photographing a wedding, working a wedding or not at all affiliated with weddings (ha!), the warmer weather inspires us all to take a little better care of ourselves.

I admit, I've had a terrible time fitting in fitness after having children. Between my two little humans, a husband, a dog, a house, a business and team, there's very little left for me. I used to work out several times a week with a personal trainer pre-kids (shout out to Cindy of Body of Work in South Portland!) and was fortunate to carve out the time to see her again this winter. But my days of going to the gym every day, taking classes, and walks around Back Cove or to Bug Light are no longer feasible. Maybe they will be one day?

Fortunately, working out at home is a more realistic option. I first learned about the BeachBody DVD (and now on-demand) fitness program when P90x came screaming onto the scene (90 minute workouts every day for 90 days– intense!) when J and I were preparing for our own wedding. In more recent years, I have tried T25, PiYo and their 21 Day Fix. In conjunction with a workout regimen at home (that consists of a yoga mat, some weights and a resistance band), I have a subscription to Shakeology, their nutrient-dense protein shake (vegan chocolate is my favorite! I mix it with banana, sunbutter and almond milk). The biggest perk to the program is access to a personal coach.

Jackie Garnett is one of our 2011 brides and a BeachBody coach. She has offered to host a round of 21 Day Fix for us! You, me, your friends, your colleagues, your parents, anyone is welcome! 21 Day Fix is a 30-minute workout for three weeks. Each day is a different DVD- cardio, upper body, lower body, even yoga. Totally doable. There is also a nutrition component with a meal plan. Once enrolled, Jackie will invite you to join a private Facebook group. Having these groups– and being held accountable– has been a huge aspect of my success in the programs in the past.

We're set to launch on Monday, April 20th.

Interested (oh, I hope you are!)? Email Jackie to purchase your set of DVDs asap so that they will arrive in time. And we'll see you on the private Facebook group!

(image from Katie and Chris' Bald Peak Colony Club wedding where the bridesmaids were squeezing in one last set pre-ceremony and their sleeveless dresses).

our Easter weekend


We cooked. We chased bubbles. We got good news. We looked for eggs. We saw family. We saw friends. We ate. We were together. It was simple and it was perfect. Hopeful you experienced the same.

Hazel's first birthday


First birthdays are major milestones for first time parents. I can speak from experience that it is an emotional, happy occasion to marvel at the growth that occurs in one year from a tiny newborn to an upright, often walking, little human. Such was the case at Gus and Ruby co-owner Whitney's daughter's fete, a darling celebration featuring close friends and family. In a room outfitted with the prettiest little details, there was an abundance of love for Hazel (who had just taken her first official steps the day before!). Having met Whitney and husband AK's families at the bridal shower, wedding day, baby shower and even the hospital after Hazel was born, I've come to love them like my own family, too, and look forward to documenting this little lady for years to come. Congratulations to all! xoxox

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