weekend recap


I went to my beloved Washington, DC, on Friday for the specific task of renewing my Capitol Hill press credential. Each year, the press has the entire month of April to visit the ID office, have their picture taken and receive an updated badge. It's quite a process to obtain the credential, so I wanted to be sure I didn't let mine expire. I watched for a deal on a last-minute flight each week this month, and never spotted one. So I booked a flight (using the miles I accrued from my Vegas trip!) and went down, on the very last possible day of the month! It occurred to me that many of you who browse my site might not have any idea what I look like. And while I don't have a recent portrait, I thought my press credential was quite fun, once scanned, with the effects from the hologram. So, for those of you who don't know me, this is me!

Once that was taken care of, I spent the rest of the weekend catching up with many friends, including a bride & groom of mine- Anne and Bill- who celebrated their two-year anniversary last week! Congrats (Love your new place! And that bbq was fabulous! Smooches, wags and chicken leg lickings to Molly!)!

I look forward to several more trips down later this summer to visit with more of you!

St. Jude's charity event


On Saturday, May 13th I will be photographing Fitness for a Cure, an event to raise money for St. Jude Children's Hospital at the Sheraton Tara in Nashua, NH. If you are interested in attending or being a sponsor, please click on this link: www.fitnessforacure.com.

If you go, be sure and save my page from the program (seen here) for a discount off a future portrait session!

2005 slideshow


I'm having so much fun with this slideshow software! Here's the link to a collection of images from several 2005 weddings! www.emilieinc.net/2005.

spring is here...


The tulips have bloomed (yes, some of my bulbs actually came up!). Baseball has started again in the park behind my house. The neighborhood children have taken over the street for nightly basketball games. The ice cream truck has returned to making its rounds. And, with the right wind, you can catch the sea breeze in the air. Ahhh, I love it. Welcome spring. Welcome wedding season! It's going to be a great one!



So one of the neat things I learned about while in Vegas is a cool new web slideshow program, called Showit Web. This season I will be making weekly slideshows of my favorite images from various weddings. So be sure to bookmark this site and check back for those links often.

Here's a sample slideshow of some quick snapshots I took of my adorable nephew, Nathan:

viva las vegas


I am headed to Las Vegas this week for a photo convention! There, I will partake in workshops and lectures from some of the best in the biz, as well as get a sneak peek at the latest and greatest photography products on the market. I'll be sure to report back when I return on 4/13. In the meantime, if you need to reach me please call my cell phone: 207.272.2285. I'll be sure to check messages during the seminar breaks.
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