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Dodging major thunderstorms and flooding, it was fun to return to the DC area again last weekend to photograph the wedding of musicians Leslie and RJ. A few years ago, I had photographed a wedding they attended. So when they started planning their wedding 18 months ago, they remembered me (the ultimate compliment!).

Their wedding was on the lawn of the State House in the adorable historic St. Mary's City in Southern Maryland, the bride's hometown. Ominous skies held off just long enough for a beautiful riverside ceremony and a tented reception on the grounds.

Some of you might recall a story of a garden wedding a few years back where a LARGE unwelcome snake interrupted the ceremony and caused the onlooking guests to flee (myself included!)? Same place. Luckily, the snake did not make an appearance.

Thanks again, Leslie & RJ! I loved being a part of your special day and really enjoyed your families and guests. Stay in touch!

View the slideshow.

The reaction:
"We are THRILLED with our photos! I thank my lucky stars that we were able to have you as our photographer... I can't imagine having wedding photos more stunningly beautiful than the ones that you have taken. You are truly an amazing and gifted artist - RJ and I have been through our album several times now and are hard pressed to choose a favorite shot. Each and every one of them has a unique artistic perspective and perfectly captures that split second in time... add them all up and we have the most breathtaking narrative of our day. You blended in perfectly with our friends and family and really became part of our event. We're so thankful that you took the time out to travel all the way down here to be with us on the journey! If ever you need a recommendation - you know who to call for a glowing one!!!"

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