9/11 anniversary


Fisheye view of Ground Zero by Vincent Laforet on www.nytimes.com today.

I was driving to work at The Washington Post on Route 395 on September 11, 2001. I was on my cell phone as I approached the Pentagon, trying to contact friends in New York. As I rounded the other side of the building, I noticed the man in the car in front of me turning his head to look behind him again and again. I did, too, and noticed a small plume of smoke coming from the side of the building I had just driven by. What was that? I called my mother to see if she had heard of a fire at the Pentagon (my stepfather traveled there often for work). As I continued with traffic into the city, checking my rear view mirror, that smoke puff grew bigger and darker and scarier. I had just missed seeing that plane crash by mere seconds.

Each year since, I've watched the papers closely to see how they mark the anniversary. This year, The Post ran an article about the monuments that have come to be since. It is written by Glenn Frankel, then the editor of the Washington Post Magazine, and now a reporter for the newspaper (as a side note, I photographed his youngest daughter's wedding in 2004, and will photograph his oldest daughter's wedding this March in DC. Great family.). It's definitely worth reading.

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Be safe.

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