* Heather and Dave


Wow! Heather and Dave's wedding was so much fun! It was unusually cold and windy for Labor Day, but there wasn't any rain!

They decided to see one another before the ceremony at Two Lights State Park. It was a truly special moment to witness as they spotted each other in their formal attire for the first time. I wish all couples would/could take the time to spend some alone-time like this before the busy day's events begin. While taking some snaps, Heather's cathedral veil took flight (look for this image in the slideshow), but Dave came to rescue and snatched it as it was hanging from the rocky ocean edge. Phew!

The ceremony, performed by a hilarious family relative and minister, was at Portland Head Light (supposedly the most photographed lighthouse in Maine) in a picnic shelter. Afterwards, the guests headed into town to catch a chartered boat over to Peak's Island for the reception at Jones Landing. Dave's brother-in-law played DJ for the evening.

Here are a few pictures, but be sure and check out the slideshow to get a better feel of the fun day.

Details of Heather's bling and dress (love my new macro lens!).

First sight, at Two Lights

Walking through the Old Port to board the boat.

Looking back toward Portland from Peak's Island.

The slideshow music is "Breathe Me," by Sia, a song I heard on the radio driving home from the wedding.

The reaction:
"Thank you so much! These are absolutely beautiful and captured the day in such a great way. We have already gotten so many wonderful compliments that I want to pass on to you. You're genius :) "

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