Thanks to you all who have emailed images for the Fall photo contest so far!

I am back from South Carolina and had a really fun weekend. The flights coming home because of this nutty wind weren't as much fun, unfortunately. I'll post a few pics from the wedding later this week.

In the meantime, you've gotta check out these pictures I received in an email from Margaret (a friend and frequent contributor of items on this blog) while I was gone. Now, I'm sure many of you women have attended a bridal shower and been asked to create a toilet paper wedding dress as one of the party games. Well, this was apparently an actual contest and these are the top winners. Wild, huh?

On an entirely different note, take a peek at my favorite college photo professor's latest photo project: BBQ. If you have a lead for him, be sure to let him know!

Don't forget, the current 2-for-1 print promotion on Pictage ends November 2nd.

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