It's that time of year when the wedding madness has slowed down, allowing me a little time to breathe. Next month we're headed to Cancun for a little R&R and a little work, too. I haven't been there before and was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on a cool boutique hotel. I've spotted a few eco-friendly gems a little south of Cancun (Ana y Jose, Maya Tulum...). Please let me know if you have any personal favorites! Thanks in advance!


  1. Cancun is awesome! I dunno any boutique hotels but be sure to do the Dolphin thing! It's awesome!

    ...and give J a big kiss for me!

  2. We booked a place in Tulum called Ana Y Jose, based on several recommendations from friends. Yay! As for swimming with the dolphins... I saw a heartbreaking story on 20/20 (or Dateline?) that gave a gruesome look into how those dolphins are captured. I'll pass! Yikes!


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