recipe exchange


As the snow flies outside, and I ready for our overnight to Jackson inside, I just received a recipe exchange email from a bride. What fun. I followed the instructions and sent to 20 friends, and thought I would post my reply recipe here: My great-grandma's recipe for Tid-Bits, a holiday favorite. Quite fitting because you may be preparing snacks for friends this evening, or even in a few weeks for the Super Bowl. Great Grandma's Tid-Bits were always at my family gatherings as a kid, and I think of her every time I label my random blog posts in the "tidbits" category.

1 small box Cheerios
1 small box Rice Chex
1 bag slim pretzels
1 can salted peanuts

melt 1/2lb butter
2 teaspoons celery salt
2 teaspoons garlic salt
3 teaspoons onion salt
3 teaspoons Worcestershire sauce

Pour the above over cheerios mix in large roasting pan. Bake at 250 for 1 hour, stirring occasionally.

year end


2007 has been an incredible year, both professionally and personally. I have been blessed with an amazing clientele who truly inspire and excite me with their love, kindness, creativity and trust. I couldn't ask for more and I sincerely thank you for sharing and trusting me to capture your most important memories.

Several of you submitted your most favorite image from your 2007 wedding, a few of which are shown below (and I received many other emails like this, from Ashley and Fred: "I love all the pictures you took of our wedding and can't limit it down to just one.......... I know that's not helpful. Sorry!"). It was so interesting for me to see what stands out as your favorite image... perhaps not the most unique composition, lighting or moment (how I judge my photos), but the personal emotion attached to that image. Thank you so much for taking the time to contribute- you all will be receiving an 8x10 of your image in the mail shortly! And I will post my favorite images from 2007 next week.

1. and 2. "We have so many favorite pictures that you took of us on our wedding day, it's so hard to choose just one. I have to say one of our favorites is picture (#1). It's such a romantic picture of us running on the beach. It was so nice to sneak away from the festivities and let it all sink in. Nat and I have always loved the beach, and we look so free and happy (and small compared to the rest of the world- it reminds us of how much future we have together.). A friend of ours calls these beach pictures our Jack Vettriano pictures! I also LOVE (#2). Oh God, I can't choose!!" -Ashley and Nat
3. "We love all the pictures you took of our wedding, but I think our favorite is (# 3). This picture captures one of those precious moments during our wedding day where in the midst of the wonderful celebration around us we were so swept up with emotion it felt like it was just the two of us. Thank you!" -Trish and Jason
4. "It's just a great picture of both of us and our faces are nestled together content and happy. It's great because I said on your questionnaire that the most important image of the day would be a picture of the two of us." -Kristel and Peter
5. "My brother and I are extremely close, and the easy friendship he shares with Pete is very important to me. The fact that the two of them have genuinely enjoyed each other's company from the first day that they met was one of the reasons that I knew Pete was the one for me. I feel that this picture symbolizes our two families coming together, and I love that you captured this moment. I'm also happy someone got a chance to sit at the sweetheart table!" -Virginia and Pete
6. "After sorting through all the amazing photos you and J took, it's virtually impossible to pick a favorite, but I managed to find one of many :)!! This particular photo not only captures the beautiful Maine coastline, but also our relaxed feelings at the moment. Our nerves had calmed down a bit, and we both remember vividly looking at the amazing sunset while balancing on the rocks. I remember thinking, "wow, I feel like I'm in a movie right now" it all felt too good to be true! Thank you again and again Emilie and J! XO" -Gia and Brian
7. "We certainly had a tough time, but the winner is......(drum-roll)....(#7). We love it! It's the "perfect storm" for a perfect moment. It's the first point of the day when everything comes together: a) we're officially husband and wife; b) we're not keeping our eye on the clock (taking photos, bustling my long train, etc.); c) the fact that all of our loved ones are in the same room sets in; and most of all, d) we're having a blast on the floor even though the space is so much smaller than where we practiced! It's such a genuine exchange between us. Thanks for capturing it so well." -Stephanie and Craig

So what will you do to usher in 2008? J and I are headed to the village of Jackson, NH, where we photographed a wedding last New Year's Eve. Although we'll be doing some photography for the Inn at Jackson, we hope to also enjoy the quaintness of the sweet little village and surrounding town of North Conway. And even just one night, it's our first chance to get away alone since the regular season wrapped up.

If you haven't made your new year's resolutions just yet, a neat way to share your wish is by submitting it to be printed on the confetti that will drop over Times Square on Monday night! Check out the link **here**! And see what people are wishing for **here**.
Happy New Year, everyone! Continued good health and happiness for '08!

* Moreau family portrait


As a Christmas gift to their parent's, hometown friend Robyn and her brother Jeff gave their parents a portrait sitting while all were home for the holidays (Jeff lives in Colorado). We met at Robyn's home in New Hampshire this afternoon for a quick portrait session with Robyn and Jeff, their spouses and children and, of course, their parents. Such fun!

We pushed the dining room table out of the way for a different take on a typical family portrait.

And something more traditional.

Thankfully Old Man Winter was kind to us in New England this Christmas. We managed to sneak outside for a few minutes- without coats!

Happy grandparents

It was so great to see you again, Robyn, and spend some time with your beautiful family. Congratulations again on little Owen!

Very merry


If you celebrate Christmas, I hope yours was as fantastic as ours. Our marathon celebration started with family on Sunday and wrapped up last night, and included lots of time with my nephew Nathan (J enjoyed playing with Nathan's Thomas trains possibly more than Nathan), a Christmas Eve performance of A Christmas Carol at Portland Stage Company (perhaps a new tradition?), Christmas Eve candlelight service at a new church, a Red Sox Monopoly game into the wee hours of the night (congrats J) and, of course, a very generous visit from St. Nick. I received many lovely gifts, several of which were inspired from posts on the blog (here, here and here) and my business colors of pink and chocolate brown. Fun! I am very tired, and very blessed.

Dakota waiting for Santa

xo to all!
ps- Many thanks to J's mom for the sweet ornament!

holiday salutations


The holiday cards are in the mail (above is the front of the card we sent to our families), the shopping is done, the tree is up (our first real tree!), plenty of snow in Maine is right on cue and, aside from a pesky cold that won't go away, I'm ready for Santa to visit!

Thank you so much for the great holiday cards that have been cramming my mailbox for the last few weeks. It's so fun to see how many of my clients used an emilie inc. wedding or portrait image (and an extra special thanks to those who credited emilie inc. too!).

For the first time, I did not include a traditional year-end letter in my holiday cards. In a modest move to be more green, I thought it would be best to save on paper since you all follow my every move on this blog anyway (Anyone else feel a tad guilty sending cards this year? I hope it's not too long before a more environmentally-friendly way of sending holiday cheer is en vogue. Maybe just postcards? Or something a bit more personal than e-cards?)!

I did, however, take my own advice from the blog last year and order some personalized stamps. Too cute!

It's a tall order, but I'm going to do my best to take some time away from the computer for a few days next week to visit with family and friends and soak up the spirit of the season. If you are able, I encourage you all to do the same.

Hugs, happiness and health to all! Cheers!

December de-stress


My last wedding of the regular season was in October and still, I hadn't found the time to squeeze in that deep tissue massage my back has been craving until today!

I made an appointment with Lisa Morse (I photographed Lisa and Ehren's wedding in 2006. You may recall their wedding because the power went out during the reception! I also photographed Ehren's triplet's wedding, Matt, to Lisa's best friend Karen- yes it's a little confusing, last New Year's Eve). In addition to working in the cardiac department at Maine Med, Lisa started her own therapeutic massage business in July!

Now, I'm not just saying this because she was once my client and now a friend, but she seriously gave me the best massage I have ever had! She applies a strong pressure for being such a small person and had some techniques for working out knots that I hadn't seen before.

I highly recommend you give Lisa a call if you're looking for a little r&r escape, or still searching for that last minute gift. I have a few $10 gift certificates toward a massage (a regular massage is $65 for one hour) for the first five people who email (they expire at the end of January).

Here is Lisa's contact information, and be sure to mention that you learned about her on my blog!
Lisa Morse, LMT, ExP
Royal River Therapeutic Massage
202 US Route One, Suite 100
Falmouth, ME

She had an appointment right after me, so I wasn't able to take any pictures of her soothing office. But I will surely be going back again, and soon!

Year-end request


To properly say farewell to 2007 later this month, I thought it most appropriate to ask those newlyweds married this year to reflect on what their favorite image is from their wedding day and why.

Please take a minute and choose the ONE image that you simply love the most, then email me ( the image (or number from your online gallery), with a brief explanation, thoughts, feelings, etc., on why that image is so important to you both.

I will post your replies here before New Year's, and I'd love to send you an 8x10 print for your time! Thank you!

holiday e-newsletter


The emilie inc. holiday e-newsletter was sent on Friday evening. If you have already subscribed, be sure to check your inbox or spam folder for some holiday specials. And if you have not yet subscribed, you're missing out! Simply click on the newsletter sign-up link in the column at left!

vendor tour: Joya Beauty


owner: Joanne McDonough
phone number: 603.534.3412

Last month I had the privilege of receiving a soothing Vitamin C facial by Joanne, and I just knew I needed to return to experience her custom make-up application as well. And so, Joya Beauty in Dover, NH, is the first stop in my off-season vendor tour! I have had the pleasure of working with Joanne at several weddings, and am pleased to show you what it is like to meet with Joanne as a potential bride would. J came along today to document the make-up process, and while he was enjoying a thank-you facial, I snapped some details in the studio.

On to the pictures... Keep in mind (read: beware) there were no Photoshop actions used on these images to smooth my facial imperfections, pores, etc. It's the real deal.

A cool collage (pictures by Em).

This is Joanne and her adorable chihuahua Paloma (left by J, right by Em).

When you arrive, you'll enter through the sliding glass doors on the left side of the house. And this is what the inside of Joya Beauty looks like (by Em).

Without a stitch of make-up, I made my best pathetic "before" face to really show off Joanne's make-up abilities. And with an unflattering lens for added effect! Scary, huh? (This, and the next bunch of pictures are obviously all by J as I am in them).

As I wait in the chair with the bridal smock on, Joanne mixes up a mineral powder foundation to precisely match my skin tone (she also has liquid). Worth repeating, Joanne custom designs your make-up! It's not like visiting a make-up counter at the mall where you find a tone that closely (if you're lucky) matches your skin-type. Joanne's matches exactly!

Applying the powder foundation.

Checking it out- well done!

Joanne uses a tissue when applying the eye shadow- so in case any drops it won't mix with the foundation.

I adore Joanne's funky glasses, don't you?

Speaking of funky, J uses the fisheye lens for a little variety. Not sure how flattering this is, however.

Next is concealer.

And then mascara.

Finally, blush- and a smile. I'm beginning to look a bit more like my daily self.

Joanne combines a base, moisturizer, color, stain and shine (I might be forgetting something?) to create a custom lipstick.

Such a pretty berry color. And it has a scent of vanilla (you can select from several smells). Joanne then puts this in the microwave to melt for a few seconds before pouring into a wand for me to take home.

Getting prettied is serious work.

Joanne packages up the lipstick and foundation, and presses a sticker with her logo and "custom made" label (left by J, right by Em).

Voila! A much more pleasing view of me by J!

Thank you so much, Joanne! It was a pleasure to be girly with you for the afternoon. And thanks to J for capturing the experience (by Em).

If you're looking for a make-up artist for your wedding day, I encourage you to call Joanne asap (and if you're not yet convinced she's the best and would like to see more images from my day, email me and I will send you the link to an online gallery of more than 200 pictures). She also hosts small parties at her studio to create custom lipsticks and such with your girlfriends. And a gift certificate for any of her skin treatments would be a welcome addition under anyone's tree next month (speaking of, I hope you all had a relaxing, festive, loving Thanksgiving holiday!).

* Sam and Kyle


Sam DePoy-Warren is a talented photographer who lives in Farmington. In addition to her successful photography business, I Do Click, Sam is also an amazing writer, teacher and she's a graduate student! Sam first sent me an introductory email last winter, asking me a few questions about my business. That initial exchange became a steady electronic back-and-forth, and even the opportunity for J and I to consult Sam on some of business strategies.

We have been trying to squeeze in a quick holiday card portrait for weeks, and our schedules finally aligned today! Sam and her super husband Kyle made the trip down to South Portland for a hike through our favorite dog haven, Hinckley Park, with their two pointers Alder and Nikon.

This is my favorite!

And this is what most of the other images look like. ;)

Kidding. We did manage to find a handful of places for less rowdy portraits.

How sweet are Sam and Kyle together?

Nikon is 5-months old today!

And Alder is his big sister (brrr! It was a cold day to be swimming!).

Getting ready to leave.

Those pups are too cute (and you gotta love Sam's crocodile mittens)!

So great to see you all today! Dakota and Destin enjoyed having you over after for some serious playtime, too! Let's do it again soon! And thanks for the yummy Starbucks-inspired pumpkin spice latte cheesecake! Yum!

Georgia invades Maine


J and I are blessed to have many amazing friends in the photography community but sadly, most of them live very far away. So we were extra excited last week when Mark, Erin, Rachel and Andrew of LaCour, and new friends Katie and Chris of 6 of Four Creations from Georgia came to visit Eric Laurits at his parents' cottage in Wells.

We toasted the local brew at Federal Jack's in Kennebunkport, dined on mussels and red wine (on a weekday afternoon!) at David Murray's house on Goose Rocks Beach, played with our dogs at our house, chowed at Flatbread Pizza and sang with J Biddy at RiRa, took a midnight run to LL Bean, experienced Becky's Diner and Portland Head Light in the rain. It was a busy, fun-filled few days and we already miss you all (Dakota especially misses Eric, whom she snuggled with all night).

Eric did a fantastic job documenting the week. Below are some of his pictures. More can be found on his blog.

Mark and Erin

Rachel and Andrew

Chris and Katie

This is Eric who took (mostly all) of these images.

Baby girl Dakota


Flatbread magic


Walking into LL late night

They have a great new fish tank!


Chris and Rachel

Awww. Morning email w/ Destin

The institution that is Becky's

Many thanks for the time, laughter, wine, creativity and friendship. We adore you all and can't wait to see you again!
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