Gotta love Apple! Did you hear about the new iPhone unveiled earlier today at Macworld in San Francisco? It's a phone, iPod and web browser in one. I have been a longtime NON-fan of the smart phone, but I think this is one that I may just have to save for since I already adore and use the Mac platform and Cingular cell service. It will available in June.
Learn more at Apple, CNN and the reaction at USA Today.

In other tech news, are you in search of some memory cards for your digital camera? Be sure to check out the great deals on slickdeals.net for the Kingston compact flash cards from the Monday, 1/8 listing (I'd recommend 133x).

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  1. Anonymous10:16 PM

    Matt is completely beside himself about this phone. He spent the whole day just gazing at the photos on the screen. I told him if he saves up his allowance, he'll have enough money to buy it in June!

    Admimttedly, it does look extremely awesome.


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