Way to go, D!


Last month, I received an email from A Forever Home (the rescue in Virginia where I adopted Dakota when she was 8 weeks old) saying their Christmas card was returned and they needed an updated address for me. I replied, gushing about how much I adore Dakota and attached a picture (that I had previously posted on this blog). Today, while perusing their website, I noticed that Dakota's pic and my note are featured in their Letters from Home section. Go, D!

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Two of my favorite snapshots of Dakota as a wee pup:


  1. Anonymous3:04 PM

    That bathtub picture is one of my favorite pictures of anything ever -- I remember seeing it soon after you took it. What a cutie she is. I'm so glad she has been a good consistent source of happiness for you for these past few years!

  2. TOO Cute!
    Love the bathtub pic!


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