Texas- assignment recap


It's hard to believe that the students are already done shooting their assignments! I really enjoyed checking in on their progress, and watching their growth in such a short amount of time was inspiring! I didn't photograph each student I visited, but here are a few I did:
Geoffrey Horowitz works a cool angle at the library.
Robert Mirani gets down low at the dog shelter.
Matt Chou gets in close to the card game at the senior center.
David Murray, Brooks Whittington and Greg Gibson consult with student Becca Spears at the skate park.

Don't forget, there are many more pictures from the week on the Foundation blog.

Visiting Robert at the animal shelter was tough. I have never been to one before, and now I know why. Within seconds of walking in, I had tears streaming down my face. The dogs' soulful eyes and obvious desire for attention and affection was overwhelmingly powerful. I was *this* close to walking home with this adorable black lab mix this afternoon! The Foundation Workshop could have had a mascot!

After many tears, some romps with a dog or two in the 'exercise pen,' I left and later ran into David at another student's assignment. With sunglasses still on to hide my red eyes, I explained that I "lost my s@*! at the animal shelter." He looked immediately concerned, asking questions about what I lost and should we be looking for it. We both got a huge chuckle when I reminded him of the expression and that I simply couldn't keep it together and had been crying. Maybe you had to be there, but nonetheless, it certainly lightened the mood!

I didn't really take any pictures at the actual assignments (it's not about what I could do!), but I did take snag this quick snapshot at the dog agility course that student Tina Carter covered. Cool light!

Thursday will be spent making final edits of the student's picture stories and assembling them for our wrap-up dinner party Thursday evening.


  1. That is a CUTE Dog! Y3

  2. Anonymous12:00 AM

    What an adorable little doggie! I'm not even a dog person and I'd take that little cutie home. I hope someone whisks him/her off to a loving home very soon -- the rest of the poor things, too.


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