out of town: Texas


I am heading to Texas tomorrow, where I will be teaching at the Foundation 5 workshop (I've posted on this before, so I won't bore you again with details. If you want to learn more about it, click here). I haven't been to Texas, or taught at a lengthy workshop before, so this will be an exciting new experience.

I will be back in Maine on Friday, 2/23. I hope to be checking email daily, but if you need me sooner please call my cell phone: 207.272.2285.

J still hasn't made it home because of the weather, but check out the weather I have to look forward to next week! It's not the tropics, but it sure beats here!

Have a great week! Happy Birthday to Kate and Rachel!


  1. Thanks sweets! Great to know that you will be having sunshine!!

  2. Ah.... 60s and sunny!!! I may just leave my coat at home!!! ;) Can't wait to meet you Emilie!

  3. Anonymous8:20 PM

    Looks like a beautiful weekend! I'm guessing you won't be missing New England on Monday in particular. High of 17? Ugh! Happy freezing birthday to me.

    Safe travels!


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