Happy Cupid Day!


Wishing you all a warm and cozy day indoors watching the snow with your loved ones!

I am missing my Valentine today... J is stuck in Denver as there are no flights coming to the Northeast because of the weather. A florist brightened my day with a very thoughtful delivery:

Valentine's Day is a very popular day for proposals! If you get engaged on this special day, be sure to email me and set up an appointment to discuss your upcoming wedding plans and photography needs!

I have heard many proposal stories over the years photographing weddings. I think my favorite was a couple of mine from DC who was eating a spaghetti dinner at home on Paint-your-own-Pottery dishes made by the boyfriend. As the girlfriend ate more and more, she realized there was a message- a proposal!- at the bottom of her dish!

Or, my dear friend Erica, who was led on a scavenger hunt around Philadelphia, collecting clues as she visited places that were significant to her and her boyfriend's relationship, including a favorite bar and b&b they stayed at. The last clue led Erica to a romantic dinner in the middle of a park, prepared by a private chef, and her boyfriend Steve, who had a question. After she said yes, both of their families appeared from the other side of a hill to offer their congratulations!

Way to go, grooms! Love your creativity!

What's your proposal story? Share with the group by leaving a comment!

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