Lunch with Boston's finest


I was lucky to scoot down to Boston this afternoon to dine with a dynamic group of female wedding photographers. Enna Grazier, who I met last week at the Boston PUG group, invited me to attend this lunch at Sel de la Terre, full of great talent. I really enjoyed meeting many more of my New England colleagues. Thanks for organizing it, Enna! (We had the hostess use my camera to take a photo, but unfortunately, it was terribly out of focus and not worth posting here. Oh, well).

Inspired by the Boston group, I will be forming a similar group of women wedding photographers, in Maine! We'll have our first lunch on Wednesday, April 4th. If you are local and want to attend, please send me an email to be added to the list!

Stay warm out there! Looks like we're in for quite a storm tonight...

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  1. Anonymous3:45 PM

    How ironic that the photo of professional photographers came out so badly.

    Great idea to start a similar group in Maine. Probably very helpful for giving referrals to clients when you're already booked and things like that.


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