Texas- Monday


Phew! I am quite relieved that the most stressful part of this workshop for me- lecturing- is over. And you know, I think it went a-ok. I was both nervous and nauseous- likely from little sleep and too much caffeine. ;) But going first worked out great, because I have been able to enjoy the rest of the presentations without wondering how mine will compare.

On a short break from the talking, participants are out right now taking portraits of another participant. It's a neat exercise and a way to warm up to their intensive journalism assignments which start tomorrow. I was briefly sitting in my hotel room a little bit ago (where I was lovingly greeted with some beautiful congratulatory flowers from J!) and snagged this snapshot out my hotel window of a team working the scene on the pavement below (dear Becca is the model who told me, upon meeting me, that I am a lot less intimidating than she expected based on my credentials. Love her). No, it's not the most amazing photograph... but it gives you a real sense of place, and where the heck we are (or aren't!)- in the middle of nowhere! When I think of Texas, I always think of water towers (thank you, 'Friday Night Lights'), so I was happy that one was positioned correctly behind this quiet road on the backside of our hotel.

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  1. Anonymous11:53 PM

    Congratulations on your successful presentation! I'm sure you were great. I think you're right about going first: it's much easier to enjoy the rest of something when you get the hard part out of the way first.


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