News: New website!


I am thrilled to announce the launch of my new website! It's much like my other website, but features more images, larger images, slideshows and more information- all of which I can update myself! (So if you see a picture of yourself up there and you'd rather it not be there, please let me know and I can remove it immediately).
An example of an information page- my bio
You'll notice an 'image info' option at the bottom of the portfolio pages. Rollover this and the caption of the image will appear. Cool!
There's also a password-protected client access page where clients can download current pricing, FAQ, contract, directions to the studio, etc.

This new site was created by liveBooks, the company J works for. I can't say enough good things about my experience working with them! Their customer service is amazingly quick, courteous and knowledgeable (everyone who works at liveBooks has some sort of photo background). Learn more about liveBooks and their CEO, Andy Patrick, here.

Unfortunately, in the process of switching servers my blog is homeless for a little bit. Please be patient as the new settings are transferred and I re-upload all the images. Sorry for the inconvenience!

* Laura and Eric


When I met with doctors Laura and Eric last year to talk about their wedding, I knew their wedding would be unique. Laura said no black & white photos, just color. They said there would be no dancing at their reception, just dinner. And they said they are uncomfortable being affectionate in public. Okeydoke...

Their wedding ceremony and reception- both at the Harraseeket Inn in Freeport- was lovely. The ceremony featured two love songs that Laura professionally recorded for her new husband. And their reception, an elegant social dinner, was equally as touching. Photographing in color-only was a breeze, as Laura and Eric's decorations were combinations of bright, bold purples. And the bit about them not being affectionate in public? So not true! They were adorably smiley and sweet on each other all day long.

The clasp of Laura's cool purse!
Laura getting ready w/ her fabulous hair & make-up stylist, Christy.Have you seen this before? A new branding for double-sided tape. Love it!
Laura's dress was custom-made by Portland couture designer Amy Curtis. This is her detailed train.
Laura and Eric met on a blind date. Their first meeting was in the parking lot across the street from the Inn. Can you guess where?
The beautiful programs by Greetings in Yarmouth.
Laura's ring, from Brown's in Freeport, and her beautiful purple and red bouquet.
The happy couple!
The reception featured a thick blueberry drink. Not really sure what was in it, but everyone liked it! And, it was in the purple theme. ;)Keeping colors in mind, I watched the cake table transform into a work of art as the sun set. The cake was from the wonderful Let Them Eat Cake in Kennebunk.

Laura and Eric are honeymooning in DisneyWorld and have emailed pictures from their new digital camera of their fun week (Eric's first time there!) and mentioned they have been checking the blog for their pictures! Enjoy! And give Mickey a hug for me!
"We are having an absolute BLAST at Disney. They gave us "Just Married"
buttons to wear which has gotten us LOTS of congratulations and well wishes
everywhere on Disney property. We have had napkins in the shape of hearts, a
congratulatory dessert at Todd English's Bluezoo restaurant, and an
invitation to dance in front of everyone at a dinner show (which we did!).
We are enjoying being kids.

Thanks so much for your sweet spirit and presence at our wedding. You were
very calming during the "beautification period" prior to the wedding, and
the gals enjoyed you. I did not even notice you at the ceremony, though I
know you must have been there with your unobtrusive style! And thanks for
making the most of picture opportunities at the reception which I know was
more of a challenge with no dancing, bouquet toss, etc."

DC portrait schedule


As previously posted, I will be in DC 5/3-7. My schedule is very busy with portrait appointments and a wedding, but I do still have some availability on Friday, 5/4. Please let me know if you would like to have your child, pet or family photographed in your home. I'd love to see you!

* Carolyn and Todd


I love Carolyn and Todd. I adored Carolyn immediately when I met with her last year, and I adored Todd when we did their engagement session earlier this year. So I was very excited for their wedding. And by the end of the day, I felt like part of the family.

The ceremony was at the bride's childhood church in Pelham, NH, and the reception was at The Barn at Gibbet Hill in Groton, MA. Carolyn put a LOT of time and thought into weaving amazing details throughout the day, just a few of which are highlited below.

I was so excited to see that they used one of their engagement photos on the back of their program (and even credited my name!). What a great gift idea for your guests- they can peel it off the program and have a 4x6 image ready to frame!
This says it all. ;)
Bridal shoes.
Carolyn wore hair extensions. Fun!
Reading a card from Todd before heading to the church. ;)
Todd is trying really hard not to cry here. Awwww.Notice anything strange about these church doors? The florist (who shall remain nameless, seeing as she was late delivering the flowers and caused the entire ceremony to be pushed back) must not have hung the wreaths too well in her rush. I knew these were important to Carolyn, so I closed the doors to get a shot. And, well, the left wreath crashed to the ground! I was mortified!
The newly married couple at the Barn.
They have very cool grounds- including cows!- and it was pretty even tho the leaves aren't on the trees just yet.
A nook of tables in the barn. I love this space- rustic elegance.
The sweetheart table.
The yummy cake.
In lieu of a traditional guest book, guests were invited to write a message and drop it into a glass 'wishing well.' Blank cards were in this basket.
Love the breast cancer pink ribbon pens!
And here's a funny wish/advice!
Framed pictures from our engagement session were all around the reception. It was a really special touch, and I was so proud that they loved their images that much!
Thank you, Carolyn and Todd! Have a great honeymoon in the Dominican Republic!

An email from Carolyn:
"I think we spent the majority of Sunday and Monday saying how much we loved having you and J at the wedding. You are such a pleasure to work sounds corny, but I really feel like I won the lottery. You and J are so genuine, and I think that's one of the best parts. Never mind all of your amazing work."

contest- last call


You have until May 1st to submit your favorite photo of your dog! Send your digital file to Thanks to those of you have already entered! The winner receives a portrait session for their pooch!

awww, how sweet


I meant to post this a while ago, but forgot. This is a pic from LaCour's blog that the fabulous Mark Adams took of J and I in Vegas. Too cute!

handbag branding


My full name is Emilie Morgan Sommer.

A couple of weeks ago I posted about a handbag designer in LA, 'Sommer Designs.'

Did you know there is another handbag company (sold at TJ Maxx, etc) called 'Emilie M.'

Even weirder, there is a monogrammed bag company called, 'Morgan & Company.'

How bizarre is that?!



I personally haven't heard the expression mom-with-a-camera before, but I know the trend well. This is a very interesting article from the New York Times about how affordable digital cameras are allowing moms to start side businesses photographing children without any formal training.

Check it out here.

Thanks for sending, Arn (my former boss from the Cape Cod Times, so you obviously know his thoughts when sending. For more discussion, check the comments on this post).

extreme weather


I woke up to about 3" of water in my basement this morning. See, we lost power overnight in this lovely Nor'easter and therefore the sump pump was off. My neighborly neighbor Tim was running a generator to drain his basement, and allowed us to connect until the power came back on. Thanks, Tim!

Unfortunately, this crazy weather has seemingly ruined one of my tip-of-my-tongue pieces of good news I have been waiting to share! See, I was getting ready to sign a lease on a gorgeous studio space in the historic Dana Warp Mill in Westbrook. Tonight, however, the river that the mill sits on has swelled so much because of the storm and flooded so much of the mill, that the structural soundness of the building has yet to be determined. Yikes! If ever there was a sign not to commit to something, I think this might be a glaring red flag from Mother Nature! Stay tuned for any more developments.

In the meantime, check out this link to my friend Scott's account in front of the mill from WCSH6 News. Watch the video, too!

a sad day


My thoughts and prayers go out to the friends and family of those who were killed in the Virginia Tech massacre today. I visited VT a number of times while at the 'Cuse- we were football rivals at the time and I was lucky enough to travel there with the football team to photograph a game for our school newspaper. And I have many fond memories of a spring break trip to Georgia for Habitat for Humanity and VT was our stop-over point. I loved it there so much, that I used to tell my mom I would have transferred if they had a photo program. Stay strong, Hokies!

An eerie picture showing backpacks left outside the hall of the first shooting by Eric Brady (The Roanoke Times).
A vigil, by Jared Soares (The Roanoke Times).

stand by


I haven't been able to receive emails for about 24 hours. I am working with my web server's technical support dept to get this issue resolved quickly. So if you emailed and you haven't heard back from me just yet, that's why! My apologies.

UPDATE: Back online. Thanks for your patience!

And Happy Birthday, Steven!

ready, set...


... shoot!

My busy wedding season officially starts next weekend! I've been swamped with a lot of logistical chores lately (taxes! last year's album orders, etc) as I brace for my routine to be insane again. I also have lots of exciting new news to share, but I'm not quite able to spill the beans on everything. I'll leave you with this visual hint from one of those projects. Any guesses?

Here is a snapshot I took of my nephew on Easter Sunday, signing at me "No more." Do you think I was taking too many pictures or what? Too cute!

Autism & arts


Autism Speaks created a music video of the Five for Fighting song, "World", which features images of autistic children and their families. The band is generously donating $0.49 to Autism Speaks for each time the video is viewed - the funding goes toward research studies to help find a cure. When you have a moment, please visit the link below to watch the video and pass it along to your friends and family. They are aiming for 10,000 hits, but hopefully we can help them to surpass this goal.

Click here to view it. Over the years I have met and photographed many autistic children and their families. I love when artists lend their celebrity to a good cause.

out of town: Cape Cod


I'll be in Cape Cod for a few days, so if you need me please call my cell phone: 207.272.2285.

Have a great weekend!

A little video clip of how San Francisco's residents mark the Easter holiday: big wheel races down Lombard Street!

What month *is* it?


We woke up to more than a foot of snow this morning!

new contest!


You know I love 'em, so... we're goin' to the dogs!

For this new contest, email me the cutest mug of your mutt. Show me his best puppy-eyes, when you caught him getting into trouble, romping in the surf or snow, hanging out your car window... Be creative!

We'll run a poll of the top 3 entries, and the winner will receive a free portrait session of your pup. Submit your entries now through May 1st. Email to

networking lunch


A few months ago I attended a lunch of women wedding photographers in Boston. I decided it would be a great asset to my immediate photo community to facilitate a similar gathering more locally. So, voila! I created the Maine Women Wedding Photographers!

The response has been fantastic... there are nearly 20 of us connected online and we had our first lunch this afternoon at the Saltwater Grille. Not everyone could attend (darn snow!), but those who did definitely showed up armed with business cards and ideas for the group.

It was wonderful and I am so thrilled that I decided to reach out. I am sure we will gather again soon.

dogs in the media


Yes, another dog post...

Did you catch this clip on 'Ellen' the other week? My mouth was hanging open in disbelief when I saw this! Such a smart dog! (Thanks to Jacci and Margaret for emailing me this. I meant to blog about it before Vegas, but I forgot!).

Or have you heard about 'doggie yoga?' This CNN article is definitely worth reading. I'm ready to sign up for a class with Dakota. I think the idea is brilliant!

Have you seen the new Discover Boating ad campaign featuring the dogs? Too cute!
Click here for their website, and then click play on the upper right side of the photo banner.

another Sommer


In between accomplishing items on my lengthy To Do list just now, I decided to Google my name and see what came up. I just searched 'Sommer' and gasped with excitement when I spotted a Carrie Sommer in California who owns Sommer Designs- handbags, totes, diaper bags, etc. I was even more excited when I logged on to her site and spotted her fabulous pink logo! Her products look great and, well, she had me at pink.
Bookmark her site if you're in need of a great gift or are in LA and want to host a handbag party!

it's no joke...


... I am an April Fool's baby.

After the busy week in Vegas, I loved having a relaxing birthday weekend back at home. We visited with family and friends, and had some yummy eats to celebrate.

Check out this adorable pot my best friend Kara gave me! It matches my emilie inc. brown and pink circles bathroom perfectly! Now I just need to get a plant!

Back at the house, after brunch.

Later, we took the dogs to the beach to get their run on.

Now J is cooking dinner as I am listening to voicemails and checking emails. Thanks for all the love! One more year until the big 3-0! ;)
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