it's no joke...


... I am an April Fool's baby.

After the busy week in Vegas, I loved having a relaxing birthday weekend back at home. We visited with family and friends, and had some yummy eats to celebrate.

Check out this adorable pot my best friend Kara gave me! It matches my emilie inc. brown and pink circles bathroom perfectly! Now I just need to get a plant!

Back at the house, after brunch.

Later, we took the dogs to the beach to get their run on.

Now J is cooking dinner as I am listening to voicemails and checking emails. Thanks for all the love! One more year until the big 3-0! ;)


  1. Anonymous7:15 PM

    Hope you had a great birthday! We were thinking of you. Andrea and PR

  2. Anonymous11:05 PM

    Happy Birthday!!!!!! Can't wait to see you!
    Anne B.

  3. Anonymous1:12 AM

    Jason told us it was your birthday - happy 29! Love seeing the pictures of you both.
    Happy Belated B-day!

  4. Happy Birthday Emilie!
    Hugs from the entire LaCour crew!
    Can't wait to meet Dakota someday :)


  5. Anonymous3:07 PM

    Happy Birthday, missed it by a day! Got my big 29 in 16 days, no wonder we get along so well both Aries 1978 ;)

    Can't wait to see you again, looks like a fun birthday!


  6. Anonymous8:34 PM

    Belated happy birthday, Em! I'm glad you had such a nice, if low-key, day. Thirty here we come!


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