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Thank you so much for your Father's Day Top Pop entries. Please vote for your favorite essay from the finalists below. The winner, announced June 8th, will receive a portrait session with their dad!

Entry #1, Amelia (10 months) submitted by her mom:

The first person who ever saw me take my fist breath was my father, and it is a moment that has bound us forever and something we will both never forget. After I was wrapped up and a funny hat was put on my head, I blinked at my dad, he introduced himself and gave me a kiss. Less than an hour later, he was gently washing my hair, and giving me my first bath.
My dad has to work long hours at the hospital, but no matter what time he comes home, no matter how many hours he has been on call, he is still there to feed me and give me a bath at night. It is my favorite time of day, we sit together, I splash in the water and talk nonstop about my day. Dad is always patient and lets me sit in the tub until I become a prune, even if he is hungry and is still wearing his scrubs from work.
The other morning, I was up really early, and mom brought me into bed with her and dad. I was a little cranky, but turned my head and saw my father and said , with a big smile, “Dada!” Daddy was pretty tired, but after that, he was ready to start the day with me.
I have not done or seen a lot in my short life, but I know what that I have learned some of the best examples of unconditional love from my father. He puts me (and my mom) before anyone and he is always happiest just to sit on the floor and read to me (the same book over and over) or play with Elmo. He never acts impatient and he always gives the best hugs. I cannot say how much I love my Dada!

Entry #2: Nathan (22 months) submitted by his mom:

My name is Nathan and my Daddy is very special to me. In my 22 months of life my Daddy and I have become very close! Well actually, it all started before I was even born. My Daddy read Goodnight Moon to me every night while I was growing inside my Mommy’s belly. It’s one of my favorites now.
I was a sad baby and cried a lot and never really slept at all. They call it colic. I’m glad it’s gone now but when I had it my Daddy helped me to feel better. My Daddy held me on his chest and slept with me in the recliner. When he got home from work, he’d hold me and pace up and down my street until dark because it made me feel better. Then when I was one, I had a bad earache and toothache and the only way I could fall asleep was to go for a ride in the car. My Daddy spent a lot of long nights driving me around and once I finally would fall asleep, I just wanted to sleep. So my Daddy would sleep in the mini-van with me. (I’m not kidding! This was for several nights too!)
For my first birthday Daddy made me an Elmo birthday cake from scratch for my party because I love Elmo. We spent my first birthday day together. He took a vacation day! We went on a train ride to the next town for a special treat and he took me to the store and let me pick out my very own birthday balloon. I picked Elmo of course!
My Daddy does a lot with me now that I am getting bigger! We have silly games we play together. He crawls around the house chasing me, lets me feed the dog (I always give her too much but Daddy doesn’t care), and dances to my Baby Einstein CD with me. He takes me for walks and lets me bring home rocks from the grader truck that is working on the road. We have a rock garden now!
Three days a week, Mommy goes to the gym and I get to spend time all alone with Daddy. It’s the best! He lets me vacuum with the real vacuum, play with the cell phone and even pretend to drive the car. I even get to add all the ingredients and turn the mixer on to make my Saturday morning pancakes. Mommy would never let me do those things! He takes me to playgrounds, the beach and the library too. I love the times when it’s just me and Daddy!
Daddy is very helpful to my Mommy and that makes her happy. He doesn’t mind changing diapers and cooking dinner. He gives Mommy a break so she can go shopping and do Mommy things. He does lots of projects around the house. He made me my nursery. (He had to finish off my entire upstairs of my house-it was a big project and it’s really nice now). Right now, he is painting a little table and chairs for me and when he is all done he is going to make me my very own sandbox.
I am one lucky little boy to have such a special Daddy! I love him very much and I know he loves me. He shows me all the time. Happy Father’s Day Daddy!

Entry #3, Nelson (8 years old) submitted by his mom:

My name is Nelson, I am 8 years old. My daddy is the best because of many reasons. He is a hard worker all week but always takes Sunday as our Family Day. 2 of my baby sisters first words were "Fammy Day!" because daddy makes it so special for us. He even says no to golfing with his buddies on Family Day. Any chance he gets he asks me what I want to do with him. Sometimes we throw the football around, sometimes hit a baseball and run the bases, sometimes kick a soccer ball around. In the winter, he always takes us sledding. Lately we've been playing Frisbee. He always finds a way to include my baby sister who is almost 3 years old (even though she makes it hard sometimes!). Once he took me to see a movie and we were the only ones in the theater. Before the movie started, daddy had me cracking up so much because he went up on the stage and was doing a really silly dance. I was hoping someone would walk in to see him!! I wish I had a picture of that ! On my birthday, he took me and 5 of my friends to see Meet the Robinson's--that was so much fun.
My dad loves my mom SO much. There isn't a day that goes by that he tells me and my sister how wonderful and beautiful our mom is. He makes sure we appreciate everything she does and that we treat her right.
The picture is my dad helping me make my first pizza, which we did one family night. I think I put too much cheese on it, and making it was more fun than eating it. We've made lots of pizza since then, usually me and Maya make them now and mommy and daddy eat them.
These are some of the reasons I think my daddy is Top Pop!

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  1. This is too hard, they are all so cute! :)


  2. Anonymous2:03 PM

    Are we voting for the best picture or the best dad based upon the story plus the picture?

  3. best dad essay. the picture is just a bonus. i'll revise my entry so this is clear. thanks!

  4. I think I recognize the dad in entry #2. Is that Steve? If so, then I think he was the 8th grader chaperon for my 4th grade bowling field trip... I forgot we had that connection. What a small world.

  5. Anonymous6:43 AM

    When does voting end?

  6. Tomorrow, June 8th (see top of entry description), in the evening. Thanks for voting!


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