Dakota lookalikes


I knew I adored the LaCour folks when I met them, and I just learned another reason why! Mark and Erin have a dog, Wylie, that looks very much like Dakota. Long-lost relatives, perhaps?

(This is a video of Dakota chewing on LaCour's ShootQ promotional frisbee they handed out at a recent photo convention. I don't think they intended to have it be eaten by dogs, but Dakota really, really enjoyed it.)

And Pat Callahan, the evening news anchor for the NBC affiliate here in Portland has a dog, Winston, that gets mistaken for Dakota when he's out and about in town.Below is a video of the sister to the pug who was a finalist in the dog contest (you know, the one with his tongue hanging out) waiting for the mailman, as she does daily. Too funny!


  1. That video is hilarious. I hope they use electronic bill pay! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hurrah for dogs!! I love my Wylie! And Wylie can't wait to meet Dakota one of these days!!

  3. The kids and I have watched this a half dozen times at least...and each time we laugh just as hard if not harder!

    I particularly love that he barks his displeasure at the fact that there isn't any more coming through the mail slot!!

    What a riot!

  4. Oh man, they need a mailbox bad!!! I laughed so hard when I watched this, too funny!

    Your dog is sooo cute too ;)



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