* Stephanie and Craig


Last year when Bostonians Stephanie and Craig booked me, they had just come from visiting their reception site in the rain and said it was still beautiful. Good thing! It rained on their wedding day, too, but only when everyone was celebrating inside at their reception. And yes, it was still beautiful.

As you may have noticed, I've been trying to keep my blog picture posting to the unique images from the day. In my fourth year of shooting weddings, I am constantly looking for things that make each wedding different. Here are a few from Stephanie and Craig's day.

The bridal party stayed at the rustic Dockside Guest Quarters in York.

Stephanie wrote a card for her soon-to-be husband.Craig reading her card on the front porch.
At the salon, Stephanie's bridesmaid Kristen tried to stay out of my way while she was taking pictures.
No, this isn't Stephanie. It's prom time... this high school student came in to show off her dress to the stylists. She made it herself- out of duct tape! You go, girl!Now this isn't technically the best photograph, but I had to giggle when it looked like the bridesmaids were naked seated in their strapless dresses.
Finally! Here's the newlyweds on their way out of the church (St. Theresa's in Rye Beach, NH)!
In between raindrops on the porch, a view of the reception and band indoors.
The first page of their program featured a sweet quote I thought was worth sharing:
"I thank God you came along. You are the one I've been waiting for today... You looked right through me, there was no one else. I sat beside you and became myself." - J. Radin

Thanks for a great day, Stephanie and Craig! I hope you had a great honeymoon (and didn't spend too much time online looking at your pictures!)!!

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