* Beth and Brian


Beth and Brian met in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where Brian was the chef at a resort and Beth worked in the spa. He used to send her treats from the kitchen to get her attention. ;) They now live in Maine and planned a beautiful seaside wedding for their guests in York.

Here are a few images from the busy day:

Getting coiffed.
Beth adjusting the rings on the ring bearer's pillow at the Harbor Crest Inn.
You don't often see children as readers at weddings. I loved this line-up of readers during the ceremony, and how the microphone goes over the little girl's head at the podium. Too cute!
The wave on the trolley.
Mr. and Mrs.
Surrounded by friends and family on the dance floor, having a blast!
The girls lined up these chairs for a booty-shaking routine to Outkast's "Hey Ya."
The reception site, The York Harbor Reading Room, at night. Brian is a chef at the club.
This is Beth with Kelly, a friend of mine who I met at 6th grade camp! Beth and Kelly became friends during graduate school. It was such fun to have a familiar face among all the guests!Thank you so much for having me, Beth and Brian!! Your wedding was such fun and I appreciated all the thoughtful details of your special day. Have a great honeymoon!!


  1. Great Images Sweets!

  2. Love them! as usual. I especially like the venue at night all lit up and the one of the two of them on the beach- so much joy. You continue to impress and inspire!


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