* Suzanne and Jeff


venue: Church Landing, Meredith NH
florist: Kate Parker, Kate Parker Weddings
band: Intrigue
cake: Jacques Pastries
bride's earrings: Adorn Brides

Washingtonians Suzanne and Jeff were married at one of my favorite venues, Church Landing in Meredith, NH. If you haven't been, and are looking to host a lake-side celebration, be sure to give Hilary Thurston a call at the inn to take a peek!

Suzanne testing out her fake eyelashes!

I don't often 'pose' flowers, but I spotted this adorable red chair in the girl's suite and knew it would be the perfect backdrop for Suzanne's beautiful bouquet (check out those orchids and eggplant callas! So neat!).

Mr. and Mrs.

Details from the day.

I love the ballroom at Church Landing. It has a warm, glowy light from the gorgeous chandeliers.

Congratulations, Suzanne and Jeff! Have a great time in Hawaii!

special delivery


Save-the-dates are a popular way to notify your guests about your wedding well in advance. Today I received a very creative one in the mail! A mini beach ball! It's perfect for Lyndsay and Andrew's beach wedding in Key West next March. Pretty cute, huh?

Really looking forward your big day, Lyndsay and Andrew!!

* Stefanie and Tom


venue: Laudholm Farm (Wells)
coordinator: Kate Martin, Beautiful Days Events
caterer: Kitchen Chicks (Kennebunkport)
ceremony quartet: Bloom Arts
cocktail music: PanNeubean Steel
band: John Payne Band
videographer: Lynne Valeri VideoDesign
cake: Beach Pea Bakery (Kittery)
hair: Christina Griswold, Esse Salon (York)
make-up: Joanne McDonough, Joya Beauty

Click **here** to view the slideshow!

When I met Stefanie and Tom more than a year ago, I was immediately drawn to their sweet interactions and to Stef's graceful eloquence as she described their relationship and the details of their wedding day. Just before their wedding, Stef returned my questionnaire (something I send to all of my couples so that I am better prepared with their background and the wedding day details) and it was pages long. I felt as tho I just read the introduction to a really fantastic novel. So I knew their wedding would be chock-full of beauty and style, and I was certainly not disappointed. J and I had a great time photographing their wedding day.

Many congrats to Kate Martin of Beautiful Days Events for coordinating such a spectacular day. Kate was responsible for maintaining the flow of the day, and the gorgeous design and flowers that added to the beautiful landscape of Laudholm Farm.

Stef's beautiful dress, hanging in the window of her aunt's house when I arrived.

Stef and Tom were married in a barn. Stef made a very dramatic entrance when the barn doors were pulled back!


The grounds of Laudholm Farm remind me of a Wyeth painting- beautiful rolling fields, spotted with barns and glimpses of the ocean.

Loved the natural light under the tent for the early part of the reception...

... and the glowy candlelight after the sun went down.

Stef and Tom were adorably affectionate, and fun. Here is a sweet moment between them...

... and something a bit more fun on the dance floor!

Glorious light at Laudholm.

And a spectacular sparkler send-off to wrap up the beautiful day!

* Lauren


I met Lauren when she was in diapers. Now, she's starting her senior year of high school. I just can't believe it!

Lauren and her older sister Amanda (whose senior portrait I took two years ago) lived down the street from me growing up. I babysat for them a few nights a week throughout high school as their mom, Lisa (whose wedding I photographed three years ago), went to nursing school. I miss them all very much, so I was especially excited to catch up with everyone last week!

I took these pictures of Amanda, left, and Lauren, right, when I was in college. Too cute! Can we turn back the clocks and do it again?

Thanks, Lauren! And Amanda, too! It's been such fun watching you both grow up into gorgeous young women!



There's a game of blog tag going around, and Anne Ruthmann has tagged me to share 8 random things about myself. So here it goes, my best attempt at what comes to mind at the moment:

1. My birthday is April 1st. Yes, April Fool's Day. That's pretty random, no?
2. My all-time favorite food is Nachos. Really. Quickly followed by sushi, Starbucks' pumpkin spice latte, J's falafel, a juicy nectarine and the Lobster Shack's fish & chips- all tied for second place. ;)
3. My favorite color is not emilie inc's signature colors of pink and chocolate brown. It's purple!
4. I'm obsessed with real estate. I love spending a free Sunday afternoon visiting open houses, watching renovation shows on television (the latest favorite is "Flipping Out" on Bravo, Tues. at 10p), and scanning local and national listings online. Maybe I'll get my license one day.
5. My childhood friend Rachel was just visiting and we pulled out the high school yearbook. I was reminded that as the president of the National Honor Society, I created and hosted Teacher Appreciation dinners with the group at my house. As a senior, my class superlative was Teacher's Pet. I wonder why?? ;) I was also the yearbook editor-in-chief, music honor society historian, member of the drama and ski and French and peer outreach groups, and took dance 3-4 nights a week (ballet, tap and jazz).
6. My major in college, as you might have guessed, was photojournalism. You might not have known that my minor was African American Studies.
7. For two summers during college, I interned at the Cape Cod Times. I covered classic Cape assignments like the Cape Cod Baseball League, fairs and festivals, theater and sailing camps, and Clinton's vacations on Martha's Vineyard. I was also on the Cape when JFK Jr's plane went down and was thrust into covering a major news story with the national media. For days, we camped outside the Kennedy Compound- in the street and on the beach. We chased after the family as they walked the dock for their afternoon sails. It was exciting, but just so, so sad. After the burial at sea, I cried in the car on the way back to the paper. I sent the Kennedy's an apology note for adding to the chaos during their time of grief.
This is an AP photo of the row of press on the rocks. I am in a sunflower hat, 4th from the right.

8. A year later, as a recent college grad, I had the opportunity to photograph both Bush and Gore during the 2000 campaign. When I walked in to meet George and Laura, over breakfast in their hotel room, W exclaimed, "Wow, the media is getting younger!" My reply, "Either that or you're just getting older." Ouch. It just slipped out. Thankfully, he laughed. I guess he didn't mind so much- by the end of the day he was calling me "Sweet Emilie."

Now, it's your turn! Tag, you're it:
Matt Mendelsohn
Jennifer Domenick
Samantha DePoy-Warren
Stacey Kane
Jules Bianchi
Brooks Whittington
Brian Phillips



Oh my goodness, the summer is going by so quickly! I can't believe it's already mid-August! Wow! I hope you all have been enjoying this great weather! Do you have any amusing summer stories or pictures to share of weekend getaways, vacations or bbqs? Share in the comments section, or email to photo@emilieinc.com. :)

In addition to operating at full-speed ahead photographing and editing weddings and portraits, I have been lucky to cram in a bunch of fun things this summer including:
• overnights at my grandparent's summer house in Wolfeboro, NH
• 4th of July in the White Mountains
• a weekend visit to Cape Cod, my favorite place on earth. I'm sure J was tired of hearing me exclaim every-other-minute how beautiful the scenery is and "I love Cape Cod!" If you are a fan, you'll know exactly what I mean.
• My hip grandma from Arizona was recently in town for my nephew's second birthday (he is just the cutest!)
• We caught a Red Sox game with my Dad and brother-in-law. Dad's business has had the same seats behind home plate since 1978. Wow!
• The dogs got a doggie door. This is the best invention ever, and makes me giggle every time I hear the dogs push through to meander in the back yard on their own. So odd to have completely independent animals that way.
• I bought a new vacuum. I know this may not seem exciting to you, but it's nearly as exciting as the doggie door. It's one of the canister, hypo-allergenic types and has taken cleaning to a whole new level of satisfaction when you can actually see the fruits (dirt?) of your labor.
• A dozen or so years behind the trend, I got my first pair of Rollerblades. We have a fantastic bike trail near our place perfect for an after-dinner spin.
• And even further behind the Rollerblade trend, this is the first summer I have worn flip flops! My toes never appreciated the thong rubbing, but for some reason, they've been more open-minded this season.
• J has been training for a triathlon in September, the PumpkinMan, which he will run with my brother-in-law. He has also been loving the Maine waters to surf. Really, in Maine!
Wagamama has come to Boston. If you haven't been, you must go immediately. It was a favorite spot to chow in London and it has made it's way to the States.

I will be sending out a business e-newsletter next week with lots of emilie inc specific updates. If you haven't already subscribed, please do so with the link in the left column. I promise there won't be any senseless information like included on this post. ;)

Poll: Wedding movies


Margaret is at it again with ideas for my blog! According to (a source to be revealed when the results are announced... I don't want anyone cheating!), what is the most popular wedding movie?
What is the most popular wedding movie?
Wedding Crashers (2005)
American Pie: The Wedding (2003)
My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002)
The Wedding Planner (2001)
Monsoon Wedding (2001)
The Wedding Singer (1998)
My Best Friend's Wedding (1997)
Muriel's Wedding (1994)

Perhaps the new comedy, Wedding Daze, coming out August 17th, will make the cut soon! Thanks again, Mags!

8/12 Results: Margaret's source is the IMDb (neat site, if you haven't ever visited) and their Top 8 wedding movies are:
1. Wedding Crashers
2. My Best Friend's Wedding
3. My Big Fat Greek Wedding
4. The Wedding Singer
5. American Pie: The Wedding
6. Monsoon Wedding
7. Muriel's Wedding
8. The Wedding Planner

* Kristel and Peter


ceremony: Litchfield Community Church
reception: Tupelo Music Hall
florist: Chalifours
catering: Celebrations Distinctive Catering
band: Winiker Wedding Band

Kristel and Peter had a small, casual New Hampshire wedding on toasty summer afternoon (it was only 90, but felt more like 110!). Their ceremony was in a classic tiny New England church (my cousin was married there in December and actually, my aunt Lynda and uncle Tom were guests at this wedding! Fun!) and the reception was at one of the more unique venues I have photographed- a small, moody music hall (artists like The Samples and Lisa Loeb are scheduled to perform there later this summer).

Details of the day (I really like this collage format and will likely start using this for all my weddings. Do you like it?).

The sweet couple (Kristel and Peter are very shy. I know it was hard for them to be the center of attention all day long and I did my best to capture the tenderness between the two of them when mugging for the camera, or when they were able to forget they were being photographed).

The flower girl, Kristel's niece Reyna, was not happy about having her picture taken with her brother Conor (the ring bearer) and made sure to keep her eye on me during the ceremony.

The newlyweds will be heading to Kristel's hometown in Oregon to have a second reception in September (notice the Bridal Veil, OR, postal address on their wedding invitations in the collage- nice touch!), so the celebration continues for these two! Enjoy! Many thanks for having me!!

Update: Kristel emailed me a picture of the post office in Bridal Veil, OR, where her parents had her wedding invitations hand canceled. Wow!

tax tips


My dear friend Margaret frequently sends me little wedding-related tidbits for my blog (thanks, Mags!).

Walking down the aisle? Don't let Uncle Sam crash your wedding. If wedding bells will be ringing for you in the months ahead, check out our money-saving tax tips for newlyweds. Our experts share the secret of how some couples get a bonus instead of the expected marriage penalty!

Click here for the article.

* Howie


Remember Howie? He won the dog photo contest back in May! It was a hoot to meet this pooch who has so many fans!
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