* Stefanie and Tom


venue: Laudholm Farm (Wells)
coordinator: Kate Martin, Beautiful Days Events
caterer: Kitchen Chicks (Kennebunkport)
ceremony quartet: Bloom Arts
cocktail music: PanNeubean Steel
band: John Payne Band
videographer: Lynne Valeri VideoDesign
cake: Beach Pea Bakery (Kittery)
hair: Christina Griswold, Esse Salon (York)
make-up: Joanne McDonough, Joya Beauty

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When I met Stefanie and Tom more than a year ago, I was immediately drawn to their sweet interactions and to Stef's graceful eloquence as she described their relationship and the details of their wedding day. Just before their wedding, Stef returned my questionnaire (something I send to all of my couples so that I am better prepared with their background and the wedding day details) and it was pages long. I felt as tho I just read the introduction to a really fantastic novel. So I knew their wedding would be chock-full of beauty and style, and I was certainly not disappointed. J and I had a great time photographing their wedding day.

Many congrats to Kate Martin of Beautiful Days Events for coordinating such a spectacular day. Kate was responsible for maintaining the flow of the day, and the gorgeous design and flowers that added to the beautiful landscape of Laudholm Farm.

Stef's beautiful dress, hanging in the window of her aunt's house when I arrived.

Stef and Tom were married in a barn. Stef made a very dramatic entrance when the barn doors were pulled back!


The grounds of Laudholm Farm remind me of a Wyeth painting- beautiful rolling fields, spotted with barns and glimpses of the ocean.

Loved the natural light under the tent for the early part of the reception...

... and the glowy candlelight after the sun went down.

Stef and Tom were adorably affectionate, and fun. Here is a sweet moment between them...

... and something a bit more fun on the dance floor!

Glorious light at Laudholm.

And a spectacular sparkler send-off to wrap up the beautiful day!


  1. Anonymous8:37 PM

    Amazing photos, I love that location. What song is playing during the slideshow? It is so cute!

  2. Thanks! It's "Bubbly" by Colbie Caillat.

  3. Amazing, Em! Just amazing. That barn door photo is a stunner. Stefanie and Tom are going to be thrilled with the images. Wow. Wow. Wow!

  4. Emilie, these photographs are all that we hoped for and more. We can't wait to see all the pictures on Pictage. Your work is full of depth, beauty, and artistry. We thank you and J for your incredible talents on our wedding day.

  5. Anonymous11:14 AM

    These photos a simply beautiful. I am sure Stefanie & Tom will be thrilled. You are amazing (but we all ready knew that!)
    Love, P.

  6. I can't stop looking at their wedding photos! Such a gorgeous wedding and kudos to you for capturing the magic.

    Lynn (bridesmaid)

  7. whoohoo rockin it!! I love that bride shot with the veil, gorgeous!

  8. Yea! Glad everyone is so happy, especially Stef! Your wedding was so much fun! hugs!!

  9. I LOVE the bridal portrait with the veil blowing in the wind. Stunning & timeless!

  10. Anonymous8:38 PM

    Wow, Em, you're a really good photographer. Have you ever thought of taking pictures professionally?

    Just teasing. That outdoor one with the veil is really stunning.


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