There's a game of blog tag going around, and Anne Ruthmann has tagged me to share 8 random things about myself. So here it goes, my best attempt at what comes to mind at the moment:

1. My birthday is April 1st. Yes, April Fool's Day. That's pretty random, no?
2. My all-time favorite food is Nachos. Really. Quickly followed by sushi, Starbucks' pumpkin spice latte, J's falafel, a juicy nectarine and the Lobster Shack's fish & chips- all tied for second place. ;)
3. My favorite color is not emilie inc's signature colors of pink and chocolate brown. It's purple!
4. I'm obsessed with real estate. I love spending a free Sunday afternoon visiting open houses, watching renovation shows on television (the latest favorite is "Flipping Out" on Bravo, Tues. at 10p), and scanning local and national listings online. Maybe I'll get my license one day.
5. My childhood friend Rachel was just visiting and we pulled out the high school yearbook. I was reminded that as the president of the National Honor Society, I created and hosted Teacher Appreciation dinners with the group at my house. As a senior, my class superlative was Teacher's Pet. I wonder why?? ;) I was also the yearbook editor-in-chief, music honor society historian, member of the drama and ski and French and peer outreach groups, and took dance 3-4 nights a week (ballet, tap and jazz).
6. My major in college, as you might have guessed, was photojournalism. You might not have known that my minor was African American Studies.
7. For two summers during college, I interned at the Cape Cod Times. I covered classic Cape assignments like the Cape Cod Baseball League, fairs and festivals, theater and sailing camps, and Clinton's vacations on Martha's Vineyard. I was also on the Cape when JFK Jr's plane went down and was thrust into covering a major news story with the national media. For days, we camped outside the Kennedy Compound- in the street and on the beach. We chased after the family as they walked the dock for their afternoon sails. It was exciting, but just so, so sad. After the burial at sea, I cried in the car on the way back to the paper. I sent the Kennedy's an apology note for adding to the chaos during their time of grief.
This is an AP photo of the row of press on the rocks. I am in a sunflower hat, 4th from the right.

8. A year later, as a recent college grad, I had the opportunity to photograph both Bush and Gore during the 2000 campaign. When I walked in to meet George and Laura, over breakfast in their hotel room, W exclaimed, "Wow, the media is getting younger!" My reply, "Either that or you're just getting older." Ouch. It just slipped out. Thankfully, he laughed. I guess he didn't mind so much- by the end of the day he was calling me "Sweet Emilie."

Now, it's your turn! Tag, you're it:
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  1. Wow- I just wasted an hour coming up with mine. It's pretty cool though to reflect inwardly! You set a pretty high bar though, Emile! I love that you sent the Kennedy's a note- so thoughtful!

  2. Now that's what I am talking about :) My parents are both realtors so I hear you there :) Now we have even more to talk about! See you next week :)

    Sweet Emilie ;)


  3. OMG - I love flipping out too, and I would totally do real estate as a retirement plan!! Nachos are also one of my favorite foods and I'm an Aries too!! I knew I loved you so much for a reason... I must be a narcissist! HA!! j/k.. I really love you for all of the things that make you unique. ;-)

  4. Fun, Fun, Fun! I enjoyed reading your eight facts :) They are much more exciting than anything I came up with!!


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