* Amelia and her father Stephen


You may recall that Amelia won the father's day essay contest in the spring. I recently had the pleasure of finally meeting this little cutie and her super sweet parents Stephen and Lindsey.

I challenged myself to take pictures of Amelia and Steve that say "father and daughter" but not just your standard portrait. This typically works best with little ones Amelia's age anyway because they are constantly on the go and don't want to mug for a camera!

This is Amelia and Steve (mommy Lindsey was dancing behind me to get their attention).

This is my favorite picture from the session... love Amelia's bright, wide eyes and Steve's smile in the dark background.

Amelia loves to play hide-n-seek.

Mom jumped in for a few photos, too.

I hope these pictures bring you lots of joy, Stephen. It was easy to see what a great father you are. Amelia is a very lucky little girl! Hope to see you all again soon, perhaps on the Eastern Trail!


  1. This is sooo sweet! He def looks deserving of his prize. what a beautiful family :)

  2. Anonymous8:20 AM

    SO SWEET! I really love the walking one in particular.

    Note to self: have kids so Emilie can photograph them adorably.


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