gotta garmin


My Jeep has a new voice. She hasn't been named just yet, but I'm sure after this weekend's road trip she will!

J and I are headed to Vermont and back to Maine for two weddings this weekend. And with several trips to Boston and New York in the upcoming months (Boston is the most confusing city to drive, I swear, even tho I grew up nearby!), I figured it was time to give Mapquest print-outs a rest and try satellite navigation instead (and save any future potentially heated debates w/ my co-pilot).

I got the Garmin Nuvi 200. It's a basic model, small enough to fit in my purse to take around in pedestrian mode when navigating new places by foot. Cool! I haven't even tried it yet, aside from entering my home location, and I'm already in love (I even downloaded this sweet wagon as my car icon. We had one of these as kids!)!


  1. Anonymous1:35 PM

    So cute! I love the car icon! Garmin makes a really nice product (I've used it in rentals cars), so I'm sure your love for it will only grow.

  2. I just bought a TomTom (for similar reasons) and I LOVE it. I picked a British woman's voice who tells me to merge onto the motorway, which I think is a hoot! Definitely one of my best investments.

  3. Anonymous8:58 PM

    Chris gave me the same Garmin model for my birthday. I absolutley love it! We're planning to use it (with AAA's TripTik as back-up) to get us out to COlorado in a couple of weeks. Oh, yeah...also just bought the new iMac. Love it too! We'll have to "ichat" sometime!

  4. We just got home from Vermont and, well, it wasn't the best (sometimes she- still unnamed- wanted us to go very off-course back roads). We just turned it off when we were some place that we knew a better route. Oh, well. I guess everything can't be perfect! But, with a British accent it might be more forgivable. Still, very pleased to have it, and looking forward to testing it in Boston next week.

  5. ps- and welcome to the wonderful world of Apple, Ali! It's so much more visual and user-friendly than PC. You'll wonder why you didn't switch sooner! Congrats!

    Also, it sounds like you have a move-date planned to CO? I must see you before you go!!!

  6. Jane, as she was named when we changed our female guide's voice to a British accent- thanks, Sam, is growing on us. She guided us through Boston under pressure and helped us arrive to our destinations safely and swiftly. But, in areas where we knew a better route, Jane, unfortunately, tried to steer us another way. Hmmm... so I guess we've learned she's great when we don't know where we are to know any better, and we'll give her a rest from the job when we do. ;)


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