introducing Roots Workshop!


I am so, so, so excited today! After planning since March, I can *finally* announce some big news!!!

Next summer I am hosting a photojournalism workshop for wedding photographers on Cape Cod! I've rented a great house on the water and gathered together a handful of dear friends and talented photographers and photo editors in the industry to teach.

You can learn more by checking out the website which launched today (and yes, that link in the left column is finally active)! If you know any wedding photographers who might benefit from this type of experience, please send 'em my way!

Many thanks to liveBooks for sponsoring the workshop with this great site!


  1. Anonymous6:28 PM

    Congrats, Emmi-Lou! I always knew you were an incredible entrepreneur! Good luck and best wishes with it all.

  2. Anonymous6:36 PM

    congrats on the great website. it is all a+++.
    we are very proud of you.
    the workshop will be a great success.
    mom and steve

  3. It looks soooo fun...can I sneak in ;) do you need a coffee and candy bar runner?? haha

  4. Thanks for the love, all! Tina, my friend Rachel, of, offered to knit hats for the students. And I may need my stepfather's help w/ the bbq. So perhaps you could come up w/ a creative way to be involved. Maybe you could be the clothesline attendant, making sure everyone's bathing suits get dry in a timely manner in between photo assignments? ;)

  5. i just read the fantastic news about the
    conference this summer! wow! congrats!! I wish I could attend just to sounds amazing and like so much fun too! What drive,
    ambition and vision you have to create something so
    powerful--gathering so many like-minded photographers together to
    learn and learn from each other (and how entrepreneurial too!)

    you go! can't wait to hear more about it! congrats!


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