Matt Mendelsohn in the Washington Post Magazine


My good friend and DC wedding photographer Matt Mendelsohn has a brilliant article in Sunday's Washington Post Magazine (my former employer). It is beautifully and smartly written, and captures so many of my similar feelings of why I moved from news photography into weddings. If you have a minute, and a cup of coffee to sip, sit down and settle in to enjoy his account of this profession. I promise you won't be disappointed (thank you, Sabrina, for alerting me to this!).
**Click here** to read the article.

(Matt will be online to discuss his article and field questions at 12p on Tuesday, September 4th. Picture of Matt in his studio by Mark Peterson, Redux).

Update: During Matt's chat online, he revealed he has been contacted by an agent about a book deal. Weeehoooo!


  1. Great article. I just discovered your blog- my friend Lynn was a bridesmaid in a wedding you shot a few weeks ago (Stefanie and Tom) and I greatly enjoyed perusing the photos - you do lovely work!

  2. Great article...Matt is such a thoughtful writer and terrific photographer!

    OH...I Hijack'd this post for my blog :)


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