A few months ago, web designer Joe Myers (a 2005 groom who now lives in Utah and has a very fun blog) contacted me about doing some freelance work for FetchDog.com, a new website and catalog based right here in Portland. After a lot of work, the site is finally live!

Here is Joe's description of the site:
"FetchDog is a new, high-end dog catalog company. The shop is full of great dog products and gift ideas. There's also a ton of information in the Learn & Connect section: articles, blogs, breed centers, resource libraries, e-zine, puppy center, adoption info and much more to come like forums and ask the experts etc. (no interactive stones unturned). And if you're considering getting a dog, try the breed selector tool to see what breeds best suit your personality type and lifestyle. On top of all that, there's a quickly growing social community section called MyFetch where you can create a profile for you and your "family," upload pictures, write on your whiteboard (mini blog), recommend products, save wishlists and grocery lists, compare notes with other owners and make other contributions throughout the site. Your dog could even be the photo of the day. It's been a lot of work and late nights. I've designed almost every page on this site. The company is full of great people and well funded by involved investors including Glenn Close, who has her own blog called Lively Licks, Profiles of Dogs and Their People."

My riveting (sense any sarcasm?) product photography can be found throughout the drug library. Photojournalistic work will accompany some of their blogs soon.

Congrats, Joe! The site is chock-full of information! I can't wait to spend some time on there creating my MyFetch page. I know how hard you worked on this, and you should be very proud! I wish you all amazing success!

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  1. I love this... Really, can you get a better site than one that combines shopping and dogs?


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