NY wrap-up


Wow. What an experience! Many thanks to those of you who came to hear me talk at the liveBooks booth at PPE yesterday! It was so wonderful to share my experiences with you, hear yours and field some questions, too, especially from Susannah Dambmann, Larissa and Ryan of Chace + Smith Photography, Chris and Heather DiPiazza, George Pejoves and Barbara Williams.

I don't have any pictures of me speaking, but this is what the scene looked like (taken w/ my point & shoot- please excuse the poor image quality!). I spoke in front of those chairs on the left side. J has a sweet little video on his blog of the liveBooks booth scene **here**.

We drove home last night (intently listening to the Sox game!!), and are busy catching up on work today. I'm heading up near Bar Harbor tomorrow for another assignment for Ladies' Home Journal.


  1. Hi Emilie -

    I am sooo happy that Chris and I were able to hear you speak at the livebooks booth - you were such an inspiration! Thanks for all of the great information and helpful tips...

    We'll be in touch soon :)


  2. Great job sweets! It was fun to spend a few days in NY with you...we need to go back when we can explore the city together without work!

  3. Hi Emilie!
    Wish we would've known you were in NY, Chip and I would've loved to have taken you to dinner! We're back (obviously) from our honeymoon safari and love, love, LOVE our pictures from the wedding. You are amazing. Will write you an email soon!


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