Good luck, Zac!


Last month when J and I were in NYC, we ate at Butter and sampled the delicious talent of pastry chef Zac Young (We photographed Zac's sister Alisa's wedding in June and have become big fans of her family in the process).

A few months ago Zac was invited to the New York Chocolate Show. As part of that honor, he was asked to take part in a chocolate fashion show (taking place tonight) and he was paired with the costume designer Nicole Romano from "Sex and the City." Together, they created a dress out of cookies (600 total!) that is going to be featured on the CBS Early Show tomorrow- be sure to take a peek!

There's a funny article about Zac in a New York Magazine blog **here**.

This is a picture from New York AM Magazine, a daily publication in NY featuring Zac!Good luck in the show, Zac! We are so enormously excited for you!! Hugs!


  1. This is SO awesome for Zac!! It was great to see him in his element at Butter and to see him doing so well with his passion! Go Zac!

  2. ZAC! Bill & Gavin of Suite Sunday Karaoke Wish Only the Best To An Incredible Chef & A Fantastic Singer As Well! If only you could combine them both! I'm sure you'll find a way.


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