vendor tour: Joya Beauty


owner: Joanne McDonough
phone number: 603.534.3412

Last month I had the privilege of receiving a soothing Vitamin C facial by Joanne, and I just knew I needed to return to experience her custom make-up application as well. And so, Joya Beauty in Dover, NH, is the first stop in my off-season vendor tour! I have had the pleasure of working with Joanne at several weddings, and am pleased to show you what it is like to meet with Joanne as a potential bride would. J came along today to document the make-up process, and while he was enjoying a thank-you facial, I snapped some details in the studio.

On to the pictures... Keep in mind (read: beware) there were no Photoshop actions used on these images to smooth my facial imperfections, pores, etc. It's the real deal.

A cool collage (pictures by Em).

This is Joanne and her adorable chihuahua Paloma (left by J, right by Em).

When you arrive, you'll enter through the sliding glass doors on the left side of the house. And this is what the inside of Joya Beauty looks like (by Em).

Without a stitch of make-up, I made my best pathetic "before" face to really show off Joanne's make-up abilities. And with an unflattering lens for added effect! Scary, huh? (This, and the next bunch of pictures are obviously all by J as I am in them).

As I wait in the chair with the bridal smock on, Joanne mixes up a mineral powder foundation to precisely match my skin tone (she also has liquid). Worth repeating, Joanne custom designs your make-up! It's not like visiting a make-up counter at the mall where you find a tone that closely (if you're lucky) matches your skin-type. Joanne's matches exactly!

Applying the powder foundation.

Checking it out- well done!

Joanne uses a tissue when applying the eye shadow- so in case any drops it won't mix with the foundation.

I adore Joanne's funky glasses, don't you?

Speaking of funky, J uses the fisheye lens for a little variety. Not sure how flattering this is, however.

Next is concealer.

And then mascara.

Finally, blush- and a smile. I'm beginning to look a bit more like my daily self.

Joanne combines a base, moisturizer, color, stain and shine (I might be forgetting something?) to create a custom lipstick.

Such a pretty berry color. And it has a scent of vanilla (you can select from several smells). Joanne then puts this in the microwave to melt for a few seconds before pouring into a wand for me to take home.

Getting prettied is serious work.

Joanne packages up the lipstick and foundation, and presses a sticker with her logo and "custom made" label (left by J, right by Em).

Voila! A much more pleasing view of me by J!

Thank you so much, Joanne! It was a pleasure to be girly with you for the afternoon. And thanks to J for capturing the experience (by Em).

If you're looking for a make-up artist for your wedding day, I encourage you to call Joanne asap (and if you're not yet convinced she's the best and would like to see more images from my day, email me and I will send you the link to an online gallery of more than 200 pictures). She also hosts small parties at her studio to create custom lipsticks and such with your girlfriends. And a gift certificate for any of her skin treatments would be a welcome addition under anyone's tree next month (speaking of, I hope you all had a relaxing, festive, loving Thanksgiving holiday!).


  1. Looking good... though that before picture is definitely on the sad side. Joanne does amazing work...I did a wedding with her on Great Diamond with many bridesmaids and she did such a great job and kept it fun.

    This reminded me...I need some good makeup tips- I don't even know how to apply eyeliner.

  2. Looks great Em!
    I was hoping to see J with a facial mask though.

    Sounds and looks like Joanne would be special to work with.

    Vendor tour...I like that

  3. What a great day it must have been. I loved seeing all she did to do your custom color. ~ kt

  4. Anonymous9:45 PM

    Looks amazing! Given that I consider you a master of self-applying flattering make-up (you always look fantastic), your rave of Joanne counts for a lot. I love her custom color service.

  5. You are too cute! I love you before and after but that is one great make up job :) very natural just like you!

  6. What a great idea. And I love the detail shots you took. They're just beautiful and such great angles. And you love always.

  7. you're so beautiful emilie... I puffy heart you.. even without makeup

  8. Emilie - that is such a great idea to do. You look great - that makeup job is superb. I hope you are doing well!!


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