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During the last few years, I have created a list of trusted vendors I share with my wedding clients based on positive personal experience from working with them. All are folks I have come to respect and admire in the industry and I recommend them to my clients without reservation knowing their style and personality match the same high quality I deliver to my clients.

Now that my regular season is over, I thought I might take you on a tour of these friends throughout my off-season in the event that you may still be vendor shopping or if you are planning your New England wedding from a distance and might not have the opportunity to visit prospective vendors shops, offices, salons, studios, etc.

The first tour is of Joya Beauty. Check back soon for pictures and my experience when I visited her home studio in Dover, NH.

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  1. Anonymous3:24 PM

    Emilie - This is so helpful!! As someone who is navigating the unfamilar waters of wedding vendors, it's great to have a link to some trusted people. Looking forward to the rest of the tour!
    -Jess Wysor


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