* Moreau family portrait


As a Christmas gift to their parent's, hometown friend Robyn and her brother Jeff gave their parents a portrait sitting while all were home for the holidays (Jeff lives in Colorado). We met at Robyn's home in New Hampshire this afternoon for a quick portrait session with Robyn and Jeff, their spouses and children and, of course, their parents. Such fun!

We pushed the dining room table out of the way for a different take on a typical family portrait.

And something more traditional.

Thankfully Old Man Winter was kind to us in New England this Christmas. We managed to sneak outside for a few minutes- without coats!

Happy grandparents

It was so great to see you again, Robyn, and spend some time with your beautiful family. Congratulations again on little Owen!


  1. These images are beautiful and the family looks like they were a lot of fun!

  2. Anonymous11:18 PM

    What a great series of family portraits! And Robyn looks great, though I never would have recognized her.

    I love the red window against the gray building in the last image.

  3. Great shots- so real! I just did a family session like this one (with a total of 13 people- five of them under five) and it's not easy- though you certainly make it look so. Inspiring.

  4. Anonymous11:31 PM

    Hi Em -
    It was great seeing an old highschool face and another little Owen! I know these shots are tough. Over Christmas, we had our little Owen photographed with his 5 cousins, four of which are under the age of four...talk about challenging! Happy New Year! Gillian


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