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2007 has been an incredible year, both professionally and personally. I have been blessed with an amazing clientele who truly inspire and excite me with their love, kindness, creativity and trust. I couldn't ask for more and I sincerely thank you for sharing and trusting me to capture your most important memories.

Several of you submitted your most favorite image from your 2007 wedding, a few of which are shown below (and I received many other emails like this, from Ashley and Fred: "I love all the pictures you took of our wedding and can't limit it down to just one.......... I know that's not helpful. Sorry!"). It was so interesting for me to see what stands out as your favorite image... perhaps not the most unique composition, lighting or moment (how I judge my photos), but the personal emotion attached to that image. Thank you so much for taking the time to contribute- you all will be receiving an 8x10 of your image in the mail shortly! And I will post my favorite images from 2007 next week.

1. and 2. "We have so many favorite pictures that you took of us on our wedding day, it's so hard to choose just one. I have to say one of our favorites is picture (#1). It's such a romantic picture of us running on the beach. It was so nice to sneak away from the festivities and let it all sink in. Nat and I have always loved the beach, and we look so free and happy (and small compared to the rest of the world- it reminds us of how much future we have together.). A friend of ours calls these beach pictures our Jack Vettriano pictures! I also LOVE (#2). Oh God, I can't choose!!" -Ashley and Nat
3. "We love all the pictures you took of our wedding, but I think our favorite is (# 3). This picture captures one of those precious moments during our wedding day where in the midst of the wonderful celebration around us we were so swept up with emotion it felt like it was just the two of us. Thank you!" -Trish and Jason
4. "It's just a great picture of both of us and our faces are nestled together content and happy. It's great because I said on your questionnaire that the most important image of the day would be a picture of the two of us." -Kristel and Peter
5. "My brother and I are extremely close, and the easy friendship he shares with Pete is very important to me. The fact that the two of them have genuinely enjoyed each other's company from the first day that they met was one of the reasons that I knew Pete was the one for me. I feel that this picture symbolizes our two families coming together, and I love that you captured this moment. I'm also happy someone got a chance to sit at the sweetheart table!" -Virginia and Pete
6. "After sorting through all the amazing photos you and J took, it's virtually impossible to pick a favorite, but I managed to find one of many :)!! This particular photo not only captures the beautiful Maine coastline, but also our relaxed feelings at the moment. Our nerves had calmed down a bit, and we both remember vividly looking at the amazing sunset while balancing on the rocks. I remember thinking, "wow, I feel like I'm in a movie right now" it all felt too good to be true! Thank you again and again Emilie and J! XO" -Gia and Brian
7. "We certainly had a tough time, but the winner is......(drum-roll)....(#7). We love it! It's the "perfect storm" for a perfect moment. It's the first point of the day when everything comes together: a) we're officially husband and wife; b) we're not keeping our eye on the clock (taking photos, bustling my long train, etc.); c) the fact that all of our loved ones are in the same room sets in; and most of all, d) we're having a blast on the floor even though the space is so much smaller than where we practiced! It's such a genuine exchange between us. Thanks for capturing it so well." -Stephanie and Craig

So what will you do to usher in 2008? J and I are headed to the village of Jackson, NH, where we photographed a wedding last New Year's Eve. Although we'll be doing some photography for the Inn at Jackson, we hope to also enjoy the quaintness of the sweet little village and surrounding town of North Conway. And even just one night, it's our first chance to get away alone since the regular season wrapped up.

If you haven't made your new year's resolutions just yet, a neat way to share your wish is by submitting it to be printed on the confetti that will drop over Times Square on Monday night! Check out the link **here**! And see what people are wishing for **here**.
Happy New Year, everyone! Continued good health and happiness for '08!

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  1. What a great year! I am so proud of you sweets...Emilie Inc is certainly something special! Your talent and drive is not often something you see in one person. I feel blessed to be able to take part in some of your weddings and especially to be called your boyfriend. I am looking forward to 2008...Jamaica, the Keys, Dominican, Cape Cod, Vegas, Miami and who knows where else. Thanks for being you :)


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