Year-end request


To properly say farewell to 2007 later this month, I thought it most appropriate to ask those newlyweds married this year to reflect on what their favorite image is from their wedding day and why.

Please take a minute and choose the ONE image that you simply love the most, then email me ( the image (or number from your online gallery), with a brief explanation, thoughts, feelings, etc., on why that image is so important to you both.

I will post your replies here before New Year's, and I'd love to send you an 8x10 print for your time! Thank you!


  1. Seriously... I think our brains might be on the same channel. I was just telling Kyle I was going to do something so similar to this yesterday...(seeing I've been a bit remiss in my blogging of late). Great minds...blah, blah, blah.

  2. Anonymous11:30 AM

    Ryan and I have been enjoying your blog down here in PA. It was, once again, great to meet you at your inspiring Livebooks presentation. Your blog is friendly, welcoming, and motivating. Check out our website if so inspired - - all the best!
    Larissa and Ryan
    Chace+Smith Photography


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