2008 bridesmaid dress trends


In the spirit of the newest wedding flick, 27 Dresses (isn't Katherine Heigl just fantastic? I'm so happy her career has exploded since the early days of Grey's Anatomy and congrats on her recent wedding!), check out the new bridesmaid dress trends as reported in USA Today today by my dear friend Olivia Barker (as a side note, Olivia and I know a little something about formal dresses. We covered the Miss America pageant in 2000 which was, in all honesty, my favorite assignment ever. We got all gussied up in ballgowns and spent a great night following the newly-crowned winner's every move. Photographing in heels is not something I have repeated since!).

**Click here** for the article. I'm loving the metallic tones!

And in other wedding news, have you heard about Martha Stewart's new cake book? She was on "Today" to promote it this morning. Yum! If you missed it, check out the video from the show below.

Happy planning to all of those couples recently engaged over the holidays! It's such an exciting time for you all! I've heard from so many '08 brides and grooms looking to secure a photographer and I certainly appreciate your consideration of emilie inc. to cover your most special day!

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