the gift of Roots!


Samantha DePoy-Warren, owner of I Do Click Photography in Farmington, Maine (as well as a dear friend to us and a consulting and portrait client too), received a pretty cool Christmas gift... tuition to Roots Workshop! It was such fun secretly coordinating this with her great hubby Kyle and mother to ensure the surprise. Sam says she had a hunch it was coming, but that she still bawled on Christmas morning.

From Sam: "It's just a really meaningful gift and an exciting opportunity and I am just so grateful to everyone for supporting me in this and you for helping Kyle coordinate!"

Hooray! SO excited to have you on board, Sam, as well as the others who have signed up, too.

There are still a few seats left, so don't delay in submitting your registration form. The total cost is $2500 and includes 5 days of instructional fee with several of the nation's top photographers and photo editors, 5 nights lodging and linen service, the welcome bbq, the final night's sunset cruise and clambake, as well as some other meals! Wow!

And, as a special New Year's bonus, if you refer a friend you'll receive $250 off your tuition!


  1. Looking forward to it! (I've told Kyle his mission for DWF is to recruit for Roots... he's down in the hotel lobby now with a sandwich board ;)

  2. :) Thanks, Sam and Kyle! There are a few folks I've been talking to about Roots at DWF. I wish I would have thought to connect you all. Regardless, be sure you introduce yourself to Greg Gibson while you're down there. Have a blast! Enjoyed your blog post about your first day!


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