Starting 2008 with a bang!


Ok, bangs- not bang!

Indulging in the trend, I have bangs! I was feeling a bit adventurous when I visited my hair salon this week and saw that my stylist Melissa cut herself some bangs (more on the salon in a blog post next week). So in a minor move to rebel against turning 30 in a few months, I had her chop my long locks 4+ inches and then cringed as she gave me bangs. I haven't had bangs since high school, so this is definitely a big change (and every time I look in the mirror I swear I'm staring at myself from 1993). Two days in, and I already have a love/hate relationship with my altered 'do and will likely grow them out just as soon as possible.

(today and 11/07 pics by J)

In the spirit of this looming birthday, I've been brainstorming plans with college and childhood friends who will also be turning 30 and am looking for some inspiration. A spa getaway? Mini cruise? Trip to Paris (that was J's suggestion)? Rocky Mountain adventure? What did you do to celebrate turning 30?


  1. Anonymous12:29 PM

    I Love the bangs.....please do not worry about looking any younger.
    Love, P.

  2. You are so gorgeous you could pull any look off... it's all about what makes you feel comfortable!
    I am turning 25 in May... perhaps we could meet up in Paris for a total blowout! I have a few weeks off in mid-May!

  3. You look gorgeous sweets! Can't believe you will be turning 30! Looking forward to celebrating it with you...however we decide to!

  4. Anonymous3:54 PM

    I think you look more gorgeous either way, but do like the bangs. I wear them and at first had a love/hate relationship with them but now couldn't live without 'em! Have you tried side-sweeping them to try something new?

    My best friend turns 30 on the 1st of February and she's decided that for the rest of her life she's celebrating the anniversary of her 29th birthday each year. This year, we celebrate her first anniversary! :)

  5. Wow. Thanks, all! Glad you like the new look. Yes, Sarah, I left the salon with sleekly side-swept bangs and they were fabulous. Per usual, I can't mimic that "just left the salon" look. Hopefully I'll get the hang of it!

  6. Cool! You look great!!

    For my 30th we threw a blow-out party at our house. Just about as crazy as our halloween parties.

    I like the Rocky Mountain adventure idea, personally.

  7. Anonymous9:35 PM

    The Rocky Mountain adventure would be my pick, too! Hint, hint!


  8. AAAAAAAAHHHHHHh Awesome! Love 'em!

    OK. Here's what you do for the big 30.

    1] make some boy go to flatbread and buy a good weeks worth of pizza

    2]take said pizza and said boy into the FJ and start road tripping.

    3] there is a Paris, ME. [check]

    4]continue through Paris to the Rocky Mountains.

    5] look at the rocky mountains through the window in your spa

    6] finish said pizza.

    7] smooch said boy.

    8] rent a paddle boat at a nice quiet lake and make said boy do all the paddling. cruise.

    9]come back to maine, the best place on earth.

    when i turn 30 in weuygzdxweyg years I'm gonna do something like that. Just without the boy or the FJ or the spa or the paddleboat... actually I'll probably just go to flatbread.


  9. Anonymous11:31 PM

    Em, I love your bangs. Post-wedding I felt like I needed a change (after growing my hair out for 18 months) and decided to go the bang route too. A love/hate relationship is what every girl goes through. Once they grow out a bit, they will be easier to control -- so just hang in!

    On another note... 30!? I don't believe it. Not one minute. Not a second older than 27!

    Hugs and happy 2008!

  10. Anonymous8:59 AM

    Hi Emilie,
    Either way bangs or no bangs - you're pretty. Do what feels what to you.

    As for turning 30, I had a surprise party thrown for me, complete with a surprise rabbit presented as a pet! I don't recommend this!! Instead, I would go for a trip to Ashville, NC and the Biltmore estate. Stay at the Inn on site, nd look out a mountains and trees, go for bike ride, and enjoy!


  11. You did it! I know your stylist was trying to talk you into bangs and I think they look great:) 30 seems like so long ago...just be happy it's not 40;) You're only as old as you feel!

  12. Em! I love them, so cute. But I know exactly how you feel! I did the same thing last year and kept feeling like I was back in high school but in the end, I love them. I think Eric has the right idea...but I have always wanted to go to paris so that is my vote...then the rocky mountains cause that is just how I roll! I am turning the big 30 this year too, tell me what you decide and I will do the other and we can live through each other's experiences! :)

    love ya!

  13. Em,

    Keep the bangs! They look great!!!


  14. I hear you about the haircut - I always want something different but I always end up liking my simple classic cut better. We're looking forward to having J at our PUG meeting tomorrow night - wish you could be there too! Hope to meet you at WPPI.


  15. Oh my goodness, you all crack me up! Who knew getting bangs would be such a topic for comment chatter on the blog?!

    Eric, are you ever not funny?

    Sabrina, the Biltmore is where my cousin recently proposed to his girlfriend! Sounds like a very special place.

    Tina, sounds like a plan!

    Amanda, so sorry to have missed you, again! I hope your PUG is a great one- I know J has been looking forward to it!

  16. I think you look so cute and I am glad you took a risk! Don't follow my lead in celebrating milestone birthdays.....
    Paris is my vote for you!

  17. Anonymous10:29 AM

    I think the bangs are really fun and playful -- are they growing on you any more? (Also, what lipstick are you wearing in the bangs picture? I want a new everyday (i.e. subtle) shade and yours looks really nice. And if you tell me those are just your lips and you're only wearing, I don't know, Chapstick or something, I'm going to be pissed.)


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