Happy Love Day!


In an industry where love is our CEO, I hope you all have a special day filled with love and happiness.

Today marks the busiest day for marriage proposals. From simple to elaborate and everything in between, your proposal story will be told again and again. I've heard some pretty amazing stories from my clients over the years, tho I think my favorite is from my friend Erica:

Her now-husband Steve sent Erica on a scavenger hunt around their city-Philadelphia- visiting places that have special significance to their relationship, collecting pieces to a photo puzzle he had made at each stop. The last piece, which completed a photo of the two of them, led Erica to a private picnic for two- plus a chef- in a park where Steve proposed. Once she said Yes, both of their families came over the crest of a nearby hill and celebrated together!

(pictures courtesy Erica)

Looking for ideas? Theknot.com has a few and here's a recent article describing some ways men have popped the question locally in Maine. They get an A for creativity!

Even tho Valentine's Day is most certainly a Hallmark holiday, I can't help but get caught up in the romance of the day myself. J surprised me with breakfast and roses this morning. And later, told me to be dressed, fancy, to leave the house at a certain time. Our surprise destination? An elegant 4 course meal at the White Barn Inn in Kennebunk complete with candlelight, piano, waiters in white tuxes and an amazing meal. Before dessert J presented me with a Tiffany box (my favorite). I know what you might be thinking... nope, he didn't propose (the thought did cross my mind even tho I'm not one for a scene in public!), and he gave me a charm to add to my Tiffany charm bracelet (that he gave me two Christmases ago). It will certainly remind me of an amazing day. Thank you, J!

Every Valentine's Day since 1976, Portland wakes up to heart print-outs taped to each and every storefront window. Driving around town, you can't help but smile. The best part? No one knows who does this! It's done in the middle of the night and, so far, the identity of this well-wisher(s) has never been discovered. Read more here and here. Cool, huh? I heart Portland.

(2007 pictures by Michelle Souliere, left, and mainetoday.com, right)

And I had to share this picture my sister emailed of my nephew busy making Valentines. Too cute! I especially love the Red Sox pjs. We love you, Nathan!


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