Hello, from Texas


Having a really great time in Texas! Here's our group picture by Ben Chrisman. This is such a big group compared to last year!

We're busy, busy, so I'll be sure to write more soon about what we've been up to. Hope you're having a great week!


  1. Wow! That IS a huge group? I can't find you. :)

  2. Emilie it was a blast seeing you here in Dallas. I just can't believe how much learning was going on here, it really blows me away...!

    Thanks for your important contribution to our community, and Katrina and I can't wait to see you and J again! :)

    ~andrew mejia~

  3. See the guy with the camera in the first row (me)? Two over to the left in the middle row is dearest Em. She is part of a wonderful team of people who strive to teach others about shooting moments. She is a gifted photographer, because she is a wonderful person. And I am happy to call her my friend.

    Hugs, David


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