vendor tour: Signed, Sealed & Delivered


owners: Ellen Knipe & Lauren Watkinson
phone number: 207.504.6603

I met Ellen and Lauren a few years ago at Michelle and Jeremy's wedding and was immediately impressed with their talent and product. Unlike the major stationers, Ellen and Lauren custom design everything and oversee the process from start to finish. Several of my couples have used their services since and I continue to recommend Signed, Sealed & Delivered again and again. As part of the off-season's vendor tour, I thought I would take you to their Brunswick studio where it all comes together.

On a very cold day outside, Lauren's mug was sitting on the coffee table inside and it just felt too cozy and friendly not to include.

As prospective clients, you will be able to browse their portfolios.

Their designs are gorgeous, both letterpress and flat.

Aren't the textures of these papers scrumptious? These thicker papers are used to wrap programs and such.

You can also have your envelopes addressed. Ellen is a fantastic calligrapher.

The workspace. Lauren and Ellen were not keen on being photographed, so I tried to sneak when they weren't looking. ;)

Lauren's little boy, Christopher, was not as camera shy. He was eager to handle my camera.

The studio features some fun furnishings... neat metal chairs and a funky light fixture.

Fun purple seating!

Ellen was working on affixing custom seals to a save-the-date. Lauren and Ellen said that they discuss the wedding theme with their clients when trying to come up with the invitation design. This couple had chosen hydrangeas. Lauren and Ellen worked together to design the hydrangea and the matching papers from the save-the-date, rehearsal dinner & wedding invites, program, table numbers and place cards, thank-you notes, and any other paper needs the client might have. They stressed the importance of being consistent with the look for all wedding-related paper.

Some details in the space.

Thanks so much for being a part of the vendor tour, Ellen and Lauren! I look forward to working with you much more in the future!


  1. Wow...this looks pretty cool! Wish I would have gone on this tour :)

  2. Wow! They are amazing and have a true labor of love for their clients!


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