Vrai Photography in Chicago


On Thursday, I flew to Chicago to attend the launch party of my dear friend Tina who recently re-branded her photography business from Kristina Carter Photography to Vrai (be sure to check out her new beautiful liveBooks site here). She rented FlatFile Galleries and collaborated with some fantastic vendors to treat industry professionals to a warm evening inside as snow fell outside. Unfortunately, that snow prevented more than half of Tina's guests from coming. But we had a great time regardless!

The girls. (L to R) Friends Rachel and Erin of LaCour flew in from Atlanta to celebrate with Tina.

A shot of the many photographers in attendance including Bob and Dawn Davis, Dave Wittig, Amanda Hein, Kristi and Tasha of Dolce Studios, and Becca Spears of Wirken Photography. Dave Luebke was also there showing Couture Book.

More pictures on Tina's blog here.

After the party, a huge contingency of photographers went to sip raspberry mojitos at Carnivale and then to sing karaoke at Carol's Pub into the wee hours of the morning. I was up for 26 hours on Thursday!

Friday, I awoke to a voicemail from the airline that my flight had be canceled because of the snow. I booked a flight on another airline via DC, only to have my DC connection canceled because of weather in the northeast. My dear friend Margaret (and frequent blog idea material contributer) picked me up at the airport in DC to sleep for a few hours at her place before I hopped an early flight to Boston this morning. After taking a bus to Portland, I finally arrived home after spending more time in airports than in Chicago! Amazingly enough, my bag beat me to the airport in Portland. I was shocked when I stopped in to start the claim process and it was waiting for me!

Congratulations, Tina! I am so proud of you and was so happy to be a part of your big night. Thanks for being such a wonderful host, too, and allowing me to stay in your great home. Can't wait to see you again in Texas later this month!


  1. Whoohoo! Emilie you are a Vrai trooper ;) I can't believe what you endured to get home let alone what I put you through when you were here!

    Thank you for EVERYTHING!


  2. What a crazy 36-hours! I can't believe we all finally made it out of the snow storm. It was fun to see you in Chicago and have some girl time. We're all so proud of Tina. Looking forward to more sleepless nights in Vegas! :)


  3. WONDERFUL to see you Emilie! Wish it could happen more often! Hugs, Erin

  4. Anonymous5:53 PM

    Sounds like an awesome party (what did you sing karaoke?), but what a hellish trip back. I can't believe your bag made it back before you! Next time ask if you can travel in the luggage hold.


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