Celebrating 30


For my third birthday, I had cupcake cones (yes, cupcakes in ice cream cones). For my 30th birthday, we had wine and cupcakes! Even tho my actual birthday isn't until April 1st (no, I'm no fool!), J surprised me with a fantastic celebration yesterday because I will be out of town next weekend.

We started with a wine tasting at the Vintner's Cellar Winery in Portland, a new make-your-own wine shop and tasting room. The wine, surprisingly, was yum-my! And the ambiance couldn't have been better, including the owner's sister's wedding party (she eloped at the shop just before we got there!) pushed to the back room to accommodate our party providing many loud outbursts of laughter, and tossing wine corks into a tall vase on a shelf (if you made it on your first try, you won a bottle of wine). J was so sweet to decorate with emilie inc. pink & brown delicious cupcakes from Two Fat Cats Bakery in Portland (the pictures doesn't do these justice. They were amazing!), 30 pink & brown balloons, a "simply 30" banner and a gorgeous cheese platter from Whole Foods. It was a fantastic afternoon!

I thankfully had my point & shoot in my purse, but it was terribly frustrating as the flash was too strong when it was on, and the pictures too grainy when it was not. Some of these pictures are from my mom, too.

The group picture...
Top row left to right: Stephanie and Craig (I photographed their wedding 4/07), Kris and Rachel (went to summer camp with Rachel in high school and haven't seen her since her wedding 8 years ago!), me, J, Mom, Emily (best friend from high school), Linda (dear photo community friend), Cindy, Randy, Dan (Dan was cropped from the picture. Oh dear!). Cindy and Dan are my personal trainers from Body of Work (they passed on the cupcakes). ;)

Bottom row left to right: Scott and Kara (Kara is my best friend from college and the reason I moved to Maine), Lisl (best friend from middle school), Steve (stepfather extraordinaire), Sam and Kyle (dear photo community friend and participant at Roots!).

From there, the party moved to dinner at Flatbread Pizza (where Chris and Cyndi, more photo friends, joined us) and after-dinner drinks at RiRa, a favorite watering hole next door.

(Chris Smith photo)

I know everyone's schedules were busy this weekend with the Easter holiday, and I truly appreciate those who could make the effort to come from near and far! I'm so blessed to have such great friends. Thanks for the special day, J! You're the best! xo


  1. It was a blast! So glad everyone made it out and look forward to seeing everyone soon again!

  2. What fun! Thanks for organizing J and including us. So awesome to meet everyone! May this be the best birthday, Em. And may they only get better!

  3. How sweet! I wished you lived closer so I could come and celebrate with you! :) Happy birthday sweetheart!


    and...I am going to say it again on your REAL birthday :)

  4. Anonymous9:17 PM

    We had so much that we slept until 2pm today!!! It was wonderful being able to celebrate yet another birthday together. J, you did great! Can't wait for the next one. Many hugs and kisses. K&S (and C, too)

  5. Wow! That was fun! I was happy to meet lots of your friends and celebrate with you and J!

  6. Anonymous11:52 AM

    Looks like a blast -- way to go J!

    And I got such a kick out of your 3rd b-day picture. Boy does that house bring back memories for me! I'm sure I could easily walk it blindfolded to this day.

    I was sincerely sorry I couldn't make it, and I'm about to send you an email to elaborate on this point.

  7. Wish we could have been there with you, Emilie! We would love to get together with you guys soon...clearly wine paired with cupcakes translates to the perfect evening! Cheers to you on your 30th!

    Jill and Ben

  8. Anonymous8:33 AM

    It was a treat for us to have celebrated with you, what a blast! Many thanks to j for orchestrating this and most of all a very Happy Birthday wish to you!


  9. Those cupcakes look so yummy! I'm sorry I missed them -- and the celebration. Hope you have a wonderful birthday next week!

  10. Anonymous10:31 PM

    Happy birthday and congrats on your expanding biz! It is so good to see so many good things happening for you!
    Anne B

  11. I hope you're not too far from the internet or iTunes next week, cuz that's when your FSB interview airs. :-)

  12. Happy birthday Emilie! It was a pleasure to meet you at FW! Many blessings in the year to come! ^_^


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