emilie inc. associates


I'm thrilled to announce the official launch of emilie inc. associates and the website featuring three new associate photographers for emilie inc: Geneve, J, and Wyndee.

Associate photographers are available for wedding dates that I am already booked or for wedding budgets that are less than my price point. Associates range in experience and price but rest assured, clients will receive the same great customer service and product quality emilie inc. is known for. So take a peek at the new site and meet the newest members of the emilie inc. team!

Welcome aboard, Geneve, J and Wyndee!


  1. This is very exciting!!! Congrats Wyndee!!! I know from personal experience working with her that she is fabulous!!!

  2. Looking forward to making this a great year for Emilie Inc!

  3. Whoohoo! Nice move, very exciting :)

  4. Anonymous9:31 AM

    Great work.


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