hello, from Miami


J and I have had an amazing time on our 11 day working vacation so far! We are now in Miami for a brief mid-week visit (we're staying at a fantastic boutique hotel called Angler's Resort in South Beach) before heading to the Dominican Republic for another wedding on Friday.

We spent the previous 6 days in Jamaica, in the west end of Negril for Bostonians Lauren and Jamey’s wedding at the Rockhouse Hotel. The wedding was fantastic, and I’ll post more about that soon once I have sorted through the more than 4,000 images we took (!). Aside from wedding-related activities, we soaked up a lot of sun (and I caught up on a bunch of This American Life podcasts, a favorite), snorkeled with a personal guide in a gorgeous coral reef (definitely hire Famous Vincent and his glass bottom boat), jumped from cliffs (J was a bit more brave than me!), and watched some off the most amazing sunsets I’ve ever seen (complete with dolphins and even a rainbow!).

I can’t say enough good things about Rockhouse- the location (among the cliffs, as the name implies), the food (we stuffed ourselves silly), the staff (everyone- and I mean everyone- is so friendly and accommodating) and the spa (we indulged in a couples massage perched high atop the water at sunset). It’s very clean and this time of year, there were very few bugs (I used all non-scented lotions, sunscreen, etc., and managed to leave with only 3 bites). The Rockhouse has created a secluded oasis that we’d recommend to anyone looking for a little r&r. We weren’t as impressed with the 7-mile beach part of Negril, but did venture down there a few times for some reggae and change of scenery.

So a few weeks ago I replaced my very outdated point & shoot Canon Powershot with a Sony Cybershot DCS T70 and had a blast snapping away. I am so impressed the results! The fill flash is fantastic, as is the macro capabilities. And, of course, it’s pink. If you need a new p&s, look into getting one! (Don't worry, they come in other colors, too!).

On to some of our snapshots:
This is a view from the water of Rockhouse.

The beautiful pool area. J and I took up residence at this little private patio.

Exploring the resort's many such private nooks.

Pretty entryway to one of the villas (definitely splurge for a villa).

Us, still without a tan on our first day.

Very happy with the close-up feature.

The pathways and exterior walls are all the same stone.


Happy hour on the deck for sunset.

The cliff's at Rick's Cafe.

J jumped from that bridge to the right of the villa. I said I would, too (especially since he bet me that I wouldn't, and agreed to go grocery shopping for a month if I did), but I was too chicken and settled on a smaller jump.

Famous Vincent and his son after our morning snorkel trip. He's been doing these private tours for 27 years in Negril!

In Miami, we were playing around with the smile feature on the camera... it takes a picture automatically when the subject it is pointed at smiles. Technology is wild! Nice sunburn, huh?

Hope you are all having a great week! Ya Mon!

out of town 4/24-5/4


I'll be out of town tomorrow through Sunday, May 4th, for destination weddings in Jamaica and the Dominican Republic. I will be able to check voicemails and emails on Wednesday, April 30th only, when we'll be staying in Miami for a night between island visits. I promise to return all messages as soon as possible. Have a great week!!

studio progress


Things are moving right along with the studio! It's been a pretty surreal week watching this all come together! I'm still waiting on the custom couch & chairs, barstools and task chairs to arrive, but otherwise all of the furniture is at the studio! I chose pieces from West Elm, CB2 and IKEA to complement the dark brown bar area and the emilie inc. brand.

Here is how things are looking now:

The exterior sign is up! It came out gorgeous! Huge thanks to Rob of Curvwork for his skill.

We just finished painting this door brown on one side, white on the other. Rob will be putting my logo on this door into the studio as well.

The main meeting area. I know it looks a little sparse now! Imagine a cool couch & chairs around the rug.

Even tho everything is not perfect just yet, I had my first client meeting there this morning. Swing by next month to see updated Queensberry and Cypress samples!

The bar looking into the work area.

The work area.

Looking back toward the meeting room from the work area.

This can be used as a shooting or projection room. The stairs lead to what will eventually be a roof deck!

The full bathroom. I'm not planning on using the shower, but was excited when I found a brown circle shower curtain and even a brown trashcan with a pink inside!

And a pink water bowl is ready for Dakota (she'll be coming to the studio with me, assuming she's a good girl while she's there!).

So, as you can see, we've gotten a lot done! The next step is canvases and frames on the walls!

Many thanks to my mom, stepfather and J for helping assembling things last weekend. And to J for running over at a moment's notice this week with a drill to hang blinds, screws to hang paper towel holders, and other random favors. I couldn't have done this without you!



Hooray! emilie inc. headquarters has an official address as of today! I'll spend tomorrow afternoon cleaning and touching up a little paint, and then I will be moving in most of the furniture this weekend!!!

(My mom and stepfather gave me the Coach breast cancer keychain as part of my 30th birthday gift specifically for the studio keys. Pretty perfect, isn't it?!).

meeting Glenn


A few weeks ago I had the honor of taking publicity photos of Glenn Close at FetchDog headquarters in Portland in preparation for her appearance on the Martha Stewart show (which aired 3/17/08). Glenn and her husband David Shaw, founder of IDEXX, started FetchDog last year which is both a printed catalog of dog products, and an extensive website for shopping, researching various dog breeds, networking with other dog owners, and blogs (Glenn's blog below).

Walking into the office, the presence of dogs is the first thing you notice!

Glenn and Jake, in the conference room.

Product meeting in the conference room (her husband David is to her right).

Jake has the cutest under bite!

A quick snapshot of the staff and their pups.

FetchDog has some great things in the works that I can't write much about now, but am very excited to be a part of!

Storytelling inspiration


Congratulations to Preston Gannaway who won the Pulitzer for feature photography this week. I met Preston at the SSC photojournalism conference in Charlotte the other week and am so thrilled for her huge accomplishment. Her images of how a New Hampshire family lived and grieved their mother's battle with liver cancer is a stunning tribute to this woman's legacy through brilliant visual storytelling. It will definitely tug on your heart strings, but I encourage you to take 15 minutes out of your day and watch these interviews.



I can't believe it, but we managed to get the studio painted this weekend in 14 hours! An extremely laborious process, the space now has the official emilie inc. pink and chocolate brown on the walls. Many thanks to my dad and step-mother Paula for their help. J was in DC for work, but returned this morning ready to help finish the job. I couldn't have done it without you all!

No, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you. The floor is very slanted but that left door is actually level (we tested!).

Tracy chose the accent walls to be painted in brown. I think they look great with the cabinets, and it's a cool effect when standing in the front of the space looking to the back- the two walls melt together and look like a continuation of each other.

My father spent most of this day atop this ladder, meticulously cutting out the trim of the 10' ceilings. Thanks, Dad!

Cleaning up.

F-Stop beyond interview


I had the pleasure of sitting down with the incredible Ron Dawson of Cinematic Studios during WPPI in Las Vegas the other week for as part of his weekly F-Stop Beyond audio interview series (I posted a video he made from the week here). A live, unedited interview was a new experience for me so there are plenty of moments where I mess up what I'm trying to say, repeat something I've already said, and I think just about every response I begin with "um."

I was taken aback when, just a few questions in, he asked if my parents are married (which they aren't) and continued to press questions surrounding my parent's divorce. It's something I don't talk about openly very often because it happened so long ago and my family has moved on made peace with what happened. He also asked about questions I was better prepared to answer... how I got into photography, why weddings, future goals, etc.

It's about 35 minutes long. So if you have a spare half hour, click the green link below and have a listen to episode #30 (you can subscribe to the series on iTunes podcast).

Spring women's luncheon


Today was our bi-annual gathering of women wedding photographers in Maine that I organize. I think it's really important to network, especially among women, and these luncheons are the perfect time to catch up and swap stories. We dined at the Roma Cafe in Portland which was a great setting to seat our large group (18 women! 24 were supposed to make it, but a few weren't able to come at the last minute) in a private dining room.

Here's a group picture of us all. So, the last time two times we have gotten together, I had the waiter use a point & shoot camera and we always had red eye. So today I brought my professional camera with a wide lens on it, but because of the low available light indoors the people in the back rows aren't tack sharp. You would think a group of photographers could get a good group picture, wouldn't you? ;) (Thanks, Meg, for taking it. I guess we should have gone outside!).

Sam of I Do Click in Farmington surprised me with a birthday/1st anniversary for the group cake! So sweet, Sam! Thank you.

Thanks so much to everyone who was able to carve out the time in our otherwise busy schedules to join us today. I truly appreciate you all. Three hours in, and I think we could have sat there talking for a lot longer! 'Til the fall gathering... have a great wedding season!

studio update


So, April 1st has come and gone. I am now 30 (and liking the way it feels quite nicely). But unfortunately we were unable to also celebrate the opening of the emilie inc. studio yesterday. Due to some unforeseen requests in the inspection earlier this week, we have to wait a little bit and hopefully I'll be able to occupy the space by the end of next week (fingers crossed) if all goes well.

I did go over to 227 Congress today, tho, to check on the progress. The space looks great! I am lucky to have a landlord who allowed my input when making several decisions, including the kitchen area. Instead of a typical kitchen layout, I created a clean, modern bar-like space with chocolate brown cabinets and a white counter top. There is no fridge (it will be tucked away in a back closet), dishwasher or oven- I don't need that. I wanted a cool area for entertaining that flows with the rest of the interior design we are after. I definitely think we achieved that!

Next step: painting!

I also met with Rob Verrier of Curvwork today who is working on my signage. It was so cool to see how things are coming along. I'll have the emilie inc. circle mounted to the brick on the front of the building (it is black in this print-out, but the type will be reversed when completed), as well as the interior stairway, the door into my space, and on a wall within my studio. After all the big purchases I have made to transform this space into my own, seeing the actual signs are what makes it feel very real to me.

Rob's pooch Charlotte.

Can't wait for next week!

* Lyndsay and Andrew


venue: Beachside Resort, Key West FL
officiant: Aaron Wechter
harpist: Robin Kaplan
dj: Blue Party Productions
cake: Key West Cakes
flowers: Mama Flowers
linens: BBJ Linens
dress: Venus Bridal
bridesmaids: After Six
men: Oscar de La Renta

Lyndsay and Andrew were chosen as one of two couples for a destination wedding promotion through WeddingBee a year ago (the second is later this month in Jamaica).

Worth noting, Lyndsay and Andrew were scheduled to have their wedding at another resort which has been under renovation for some time. They were promised it would be ready for their nuptials (you see where this is going...). A month before the wedding, they flew from their home in Baltimore to Florida to have one final look and it was disastrous. No waitstaff, no liquor license- no kitchen! Not even door knobs into the ballroom! Luckily, they were able to secure Beachside, a glorious new resort that just opened in October (the hotel rooms are high-end condos).

On to the pictures (there are a lot of them!)...

Lyndsay and her very fun mom Lana had their hair done at a very sweet beauty/clothing shop in town. The experience, unfortunately, was unsatisfactory so I am not going to post the name.

It was so cute inside! Felt like we were in a scene from Fried Green Tomatoes.

The process.

The pretty ceremony setting just before sunset.

Andrew and his groomsmen waiting for the ceremony to start. I like how this almost has the look of a posed portrait even tho he only looked at my lens for a split moment.

How sweet is this?! Lyndsay's mom and stepdad watching Lyndsay walk up the aisle with her brother.

J ran to the other side of the resort and onto the roof to zoom in and capture the scene from above. Great effort, J!

One happy bride!

I love this sliver of smile that J captured.

The moms congratulating each other.

The bridal party.

Lyndsay's beautiful rings (that engagement ring does have a canary diamond).

I couldn't decide which was my favorite portrait of Lyndsay and Andrew, so I'll post a few. Do you have a favorite?

A hysterical garter capture.

Dance floor action by J.

And one last random collage.

Thank you so much for having us, Lyndsay and Andrew. You and your families were a blast to be with in beautiful Key West. Wishing you both lots of happiness in the years ahead! Hope to see you again at Mary's wedding soon (wink, wink). Hugs!
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