hello, from Miami


J and I have had an amazing time on our 11 day working vacation so far! We are now in Miami for a brief mid-week visit (we're staying at a fantastic boutique hotel called Angler's Resort in South Beach) before heading to the Dominican Republic for another wedding on Friday.

We spent the previous 6 days in Jamaica, in the west end of Negril for Bostonians Lauren and Jamey’s wedding at the Rockhouse Hotel. The wedding was fantastic, and I’ll post more about that soon once I have sorted through the more than 4,000 images we took (!). Aside from wedding-related activities, we soaked up a lot of sun (and I caught up on a bunch of This American Life podcasts, a favorite), snorkeled with a personal guide in a gorgeous coral reef (definitely hire Famous Vincent and his glass bottom boat), jumped from cliffs (J was a bit more brave than me!), and watched some off the most amazing sunsets I’ve ever seen (complete with dolphins and even a rainbow!).

I can’t say enough good things about Rockhouse- the location (among the cliffs, as the name implies), the food (we stuffed ourselves silly), the staff (everyone- and I mean everyone- is so friendly and accommodating) and the spa (we indulged in a couples massage perched high atop the water at sunset). It’s very clean and this time of year, there were very few bugs (I used all non-scented lotions, sunscreen, etc., and managed to leave with only 3 bites). The Rockhouse has created a secluded oasis that we’d recommend to anyone looking for a little r&r. We weren’t as impressed with the 7-mile beach part of Negril, but did venture down there a few times for some reggae and change of scenery.

So a few weeks ago I replaced my very outdated point & shoot Canon Powershot with a Sony Cybershot DCS T70 and had a blast snapping away. I am so impressed the results! The fill flash is fantastic, as is the macro capabilities. And, of course, it’s pink. If you need a new p&s, look into getting one! (Don't worry, they come in other colors, too!).

On to some of our snapshots:
This is a view from the water of Rockhouse.

The beautiful pool area. J and I took up residence at this little private patio.

Exploring the resort's many such private nooks.

Pretty entryway to one of the villas (definitely splurge for a villa).

Us, still without a tan on our first day.

Very happy with the close-up feature.

The pathways and exterior walls are all the same stone.


Happy hour on the deck for sunset.

The cliff's at Rick's Cafe.

J jumped from that bridge to the right of the villa. I said I would, too (especially since he bet me that I wouldn't, and agreed to go grocery shopping for a month if I did), but I was too chicken and settled on a smaller jump.

Famous Vincent and his son after our morning snorkel trip. He's been doing these private tours for 27 years in Negril!

In Miami, we were playing around with the smile feature on the camera... it takes a picture automatically when the subject it is pointed at smiles. Technology is wild! Nice sunburn, huh?

Hope you are all having a great week! Ya Mon!


  1. You are just too fun Em! Looks like a great time, next time you will jump off that bridge! :)

  2. Looks like a little R&R is agreeing with you both! Love the pictures! If you get the chance in the Dominican Republic be sure to JUMP! Enjoy the rest of your trip. Love, Barbara and Rich

  3. Ya Mon, Look like you two be havin a good time!

    Be happy!


  4. Anonymous9:25 AM

    Huh. Can I just say that this is not what my work day looks like?

    I'm glad you're having such a wonderful time! Not jealous at all! Nope!

  5. awe! you two are so cute together! we hope you guys enjoyed your working vacation!! - katrina

  6. This couple is ADORABLE and what a beautiful wedding! Looks like you guys had a great trip - hope the studio is coming along well! xo


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