Spring women's luncheon


Today was our bi-annual gathering of women wedding photographers in Maine that I organize. I think it's really important to network, especially among women, and these luncheons are the perfect time to catch up and swap stories. We dined at the Roma Cafe in Portland which was a great setting to seat our large group (18 women! 24 were supposed to make it, but a few weren't able to come at the last minute) in a private dining room.

Here's a group picture of us all. So, the last time two times we have gotten together, I had the waiter use a point & shoot camera and we always had red eye. So today I brought my professional camera with a wide lens on it, but because of the low available light indoors the people in the back rows aren't tack sharp. You would think a group of photographers could get a good group picture, wouldn't you? ;) (Thanks, Meg, for taking it. I guess we should have gone outside!).

Sam of I Do Click in Farmington surprised me with a birthday/1st anniversary for the group cake! So sweet, Sam! Thank you.

Thanks so much to everyone who was able to carve out the time in our otherwise busy schedules to join us today. I truly appreciate you all. Three hours in, and I think we could have sat there talking for a lot longer! 'Til the fall gathering... have a great wedding season!

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  1. Thanks Em! It was fun and you did a great job setting this up!


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