* Anders and Henry


When Amy called to schedule a portrait session for her sons, she explained that her boys were not likely to sit still and, instead, could I photograph them being busy, doing whatever it is they normally do in an afternoon? Of course! Perfect. Just my style.

It was important to Amy to get pictures of Henry's nursery and with his pacifier, as he is getting a big boy bed this weekend. Here, Henry shows me how old he is.

It took Anders a while to warm up to my being there. In his room he felt safe in his basket of toys.

Their yellow lab, Hannah, looking for squirrels.

Check out the expression on Hannah's face!

One of their favorite activities is hanging out on mom & dad's big bed.

Love this.

Something as simple as putting on a pair of shoes is a sweet, simple capture to remember Anders at this age.

Sweet Hannah, again on squirrel patrol.

These boys love dinosaurs! A little dinosaur parade on the back steps.

At long last, the boys were feeling comfortable to mug for the camera willingly.

Check out the tremendous effort of mom Amy, making some fantastic dinosaur faces to get some giggles out of the boys!

Just before I left, I peeked into Henry's nursery again where he was clearly tired from the commotion and waiting for his mom to put him down for a nap. Adorable.

Many thanks to Amy for asking me to come spend an hour with your family at your home in Portsmouth. I had a really nice time and commend you for seeing the importance in capturing the simple, honest moments of life.

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  1. Anonymous10:23 AM

    I love your dinosaur parade pictures. Your boys are the reason I wrote my new book for very young dinosaur fans, DINOSAUR PARADE. It is the first serious dinosaur book for very young paleo fans and you can read more about it here:

    I wonder if you'd allow me to post their picture on my website? Let me know if that would be okay.

    Best wishes,

    Kelly Milner Halls
    Children's Writer
    Spokane, WA


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