furniture, revealed!


Voila!!! Here is the GORGEOUS meeting area furniture that arrived in that truck yesterday. I couldn't have dreamed of more beautiful chairs and couch! My designer Tracy did a fabulous job finding fabric to complement the emilie inc. brand, and a style to match the sleek, modern look I was going for.

The fabric on the chairs is so soft and velvety!

J and I spent the day with the dogs at the studio today hanging canvases and framed prints on the walls. It looks stunning! I will take some photos during the art walk tomorrow and post them for you to see, but you really must come take a look in person!


  1. The furniture is fabulous. It all looks great. How exciting that your beautiful studio is now a reality.

  2. Anonymous3:00 AM

    Love the look and that beautiful fabric on the chairs! Barbara

  3. Anonymous7:35 PM

    emilie, your studio is "WOW", perfect and so you. we were so happy to see it.
    we are very proud of you always.
    love, mom and steve xoxo


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